The Americans smashed the first day of the ISDE in Slovakia with Kailub Russel being the fastest rider and the team winning six of the first four tests. Behind them it was the Australian squad that took second place with two test victories ahead of reigning champions and favourites France.
The Aussies are a full minute adrift of the US team that has Russell teamed up with Ryan Sipes, Mike Brown, Taylor Robert, Thad Duvall and Gary Sutherlin, but the riders dowm down under are all over the Juniors class with a strong three minute lead and their women have over seven minutes breathing space.

As for the Brits, it wasn't a great start with Joe Wootton breaking his tibia and fibula in the very fist test of the day and Jamie Lewis sustaining burns on his arm when another fall left him in contact with a hot exhaust. Despite these challenges, the team sit in seventh place, but it's going to be tricky to gain the ground lost quite so early.

The riders will ride the same tests on the second day, but overnight rain may substantially change both the speeds and the results.

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