After additional investigation and consideration, AMA Racing officials have concluded that the fuels in question from the January 20 Anaheim round of the Amp'd Mobile AMA Supercross Series were correctly found to be in non-compliance with the rulebook.

Testing has shown that the illegal substance Methyl Butynol is being added to the majority of fuels being used in Supercross.

But because of the apparent widespread use of fuels using this substance in the Supercross paddock, and the fact that AMA Racing and its competitors could not have foreseen these circumstances, the following rule will be waived until April 15, 2007, regarding these fuels in their current configuration and any other fuels using the same illegal substance, so long as they meet all other fuel specifications:

'Each participant agrees to abide by AMA Pro Racing's rules and procedures. In addition, AMA Pro Racing-licensed riders are held responsible for the actions of their crew members.'

The points, purse and trophies of penalised riders Nicholas Wey and Joshua Hill will thus be reinstated.

AMA Racing will continue to test race fuel for compliance of fuel rules.