Team Makita Suzuki's Ricky Carmichael won his seventh consecutive AMA Motocross race of the season at Thunder Valley, Colorado, on Sunday after taking both moto wins.

In the first 250 moto, Carmichael steered his RM-Z450 past early Honda frontrunners Ernesto Fonseca and Kevin Windham to lead by lap three. In true Carmichael fashion, he then disappeared into the distance and would finish almost 20-seconds in front of Windham, with Yamaha Chad Reed third.

In the second moto, Carmichael had to fight a little harder - requiring almost half the race to get around Windham before again dominating the moto. Reed completed the podium with another third position.

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"I'm glad I'm healthy and I'm glad I'm here," began Ricky, with reference to his clash with James Stewart at the previous Unadilla round - which prevented the Kawasaki rider competing this weekend.

"I like this place, the fans are awesome and I'm looking forward to coming back. We got a great racetrack here and great fan participation from the fans. It was a great day today and my Makita Suzuki RM-Z450 was as good as it could be.

"It was great to come to a new place and see some new faces. This track is very, very technical and I couldn't get by leader Kevin Windham, so I just held back and regained my composure and then got the lead and took it home to the chequered flag," revealed Ricky.

The overall win marked Carmichael's 122nd combined AMA Supercross/AMA Motocross career victory.

In the 125 class, Kawasaki's Supercross champion Ivan Tedesco won both races to take the title lead from privateer Honda rider Mike Brown. Brown would finish seventh overall after suffering poor starts, while Andrew Short and Josh Grant would complete the podium behind Tedesco.