Torrential rain began falling during the early hours of Sunday morning and continued relentlessly throughout race day, creating conditions that some labelled as the worst ever seen at a motocross grand prix.

The organisers could do little about the appalling weather, but why were track-building diggers - Hyundai Heavy Industries sponsor the FIM series and have vehicles placed within camera shot at the side of the track - not used to at least try and release some of the worst standing water and scrape off some of the slop between motos?

Instead, track conditions started off as terrible and got steadily worse throughout the day; resulting in large pools of standings water, some almost thigh-deep in the bermed corners, and abandoned bikes littering the track - often buried up to their mudguards - before the steep terraced hill section became completely impassable.

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The one and only MX1 moto saw home star Jonathan Barragan led the opening laps, before being passed by reigning world champion Ramon, who then pulled away from the rest of the field for what turned out to be his first ever premier-class GP win.

"I had a good start in third place and moved past de Reuver in the second turn and then took things easy," said Ramon. "I was running second when Barragan made a mistake in front of me and I took the lead. It was really difficult to ride the track and you had to concentrate hard because there were some really deep bumps and ruts, which you couldn't see because of the deep water.

"My riding was good and the bike was good and I won the moto which was good also of course. With the organisers cancelling the second moto it means I have won the overall, which is the first MX1 Grand Prix I have ever won and also the first GP win I have had in a very long time. I am really happy," he added.

Monster Yamaha's David Philippaerts crashed out in the early stages but quickly rejoined to climb up to an eventual second, while Ramon's team-mate Ken de Dycker crashed twice - once at the start and once again before the end of the opening lap - on his way to third.

Philippaerts's team-mate Josh Coppins was a solid third when he stalled the bike on a jump and eventually dropped down to fourth, ahead of Kawasaki's Estonian rider Tanel Leok. Marc de Reuver was disqualified as he started outside of his gate position.

All of which means that round one winner de Dycker still holds the red plate, now by seven points over Ramon. Philippaerts has moved up to third ahead of team-mate Coppins, while CAS Honda's Billy Mackenzie has slipped down to fifth after finishing eighth at Bellpuig on Sunday.

"It was very difficult and on every lap, on every obstacle, you had to concentrate hard because the track was always changing and the mud and water was hiding the bumps and ruts," said de Dycker. "I'm still leading the championship by seven points which I am very happy about. I've never led the series before and to be leading for two rounds in a row is really good for me."

The MX2 class almost got two complete races, the first of which was won by championship leader Tyla Rattray with a dominant gate to flag performance. A solid Steven Frossard was a comfortable second until he had a problem with his brakes, dropping down to twelfth.

Reigning world champion Antonio Cairoli took an eventual second place after a difficult start, as he was in the middle of the pack through the 'swimming pool' that was turn one. Guarneri ended up an unexpected third in moto one - despite being doubtful for the grand prix after sustaining a broken ligament in his right collarbone.

Guarneri continued to defy his injury in moto two and soon found himself in the lead - after Tommy Searle had aquaplane out of the holeshot at turn one, with his successor Nicolas Aubin falling soon after.

Despite the worsening track conditions - by now riders were literally queuing up at the bottom of the steep hill while they waited for fallen rivals to move aside - Guarneri kept up a decent pace and was handed victory one lap early when the red flags were finally waved.

The Italian thus took also the overall ahead of Manuel Monni, who finished a distant second in the second moto, while Stephen Sword clinched the final sport on the overall podium as he tied on points with Cairoli (eleventh in race two).

Rattray was another high profile victim, finishing just 17th, but still kept the title lead - by just three points over Cairoli - with Guarneri now up to third and Searle holding fourth.

"I could not expect this victory after my injury last week. I hit my shoulder on a pole in a silly crash and I have torn a ligament," said Guarneri. "The doctor said that maybe it was not possible to race here. I tried on Saturday and did OK but I had a lot of pain. I had an injection for Saturday and also Sunday and the shoulder, luckily, was not so bad. The conditions were terrible however and so many riders stopped, but I had a good start and rode within myself. I am so happy with this win because I have had some bad luck with injuries at the start of a few seasons. I just want to run with the leaders at each grand prix and look as high as I can in the championship."

The first round of the FIM Veterans World Cup saw Dutchman Toine van Dijk take the overall victory. A disappointing tenth in heat one, Van Dijk went out for revenge in the second moto, leaving 2007 World Cup winner Dave Thorpe behind in second.

Second on the overall podium was Briton Scott Eastwood, who was second in heat one and sixth in heat two.
2006 World Cup winner Thierry Godfroid made a stunning comeback to racing after being injured himself at Donington Park last year. Despite several months off the bike, the Belgian was sixth and fourth for third overall.

Poleman Peter Iven took fourth, while first moto winner and sole CCM rider Greg Hanson was fifth, after his second moto was compromised by a collision with another rider.
Thorpe was ninth after a difficult opening moto; he was second behind Iven when the latter crashed and Thorpe could not avoid him.

The FIM MX1 Motocross World Championship continues next weekend - April 27 - with round three at Agueda in Portugal.