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38 right - and at least 8 are lucky guesses 

59/71 with a few educated guesses. 

46 - would have been a lot lower if half of the photos didn't have the circuit name in them :P

What's with the different names? Monaco is Monaco (or Monte Carlo), apart from never hosting a MotoGP race it's never been referred to as the autodromo internazionale Ayrton Senna either on any race series.

Question 22 is a toughie. Is that Knockhill?

Nah - got it! Darley Moor.

Very obvious few, some had names directly, educated guesses, I deserved around 40 but got 50 out of some wild guesses about which I had no idea about. 1st pic for Qatar & 6th pic for Donnington are stunning. 

Picture for COTA was a deceiving one, Argentina is being written on ad board.  Rich red rumble strip & two Honda together gave an answer 

Perhaps the other 97% are fans of the racing rather than the background scenery.

60/71, but could've easily been 62-63. I missed quite a bit of clues in the ones that i didn't have much of an idea. Like missing the spanish flag in the shot when there's only one spanish track in the choices.

Not surprised the result is so low as some of the photos could literally be anywhere! I got a measly 32 right but if I had gone with my first instincts it would have been higher! I tried to analyse the pics too much!