This weekend marks the anniversary of Nicky Hayden's final MotoGP race, replacing Repsol Honda's Dani Pedrosa at Phillip Island. As a tribute, we take a look at the late champion's most iconic moments.

What is your favourite memory of the Kentucky kid? Tell us in the comments below.

Nicky Hayden was born into a family of dirt track racers in Owensboro, Kentucky on July 30, 1981.

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Both his father, Earl, and mother, Rose, had raced: Earl achieved some good results in mid-level competitions while Rose dominated the so-called women's 'Powder Puff' class for a good five seasons.

Their five children - in age order Tommy, Jennifer, Nicky, Roger and Kathleen - all learned to ride almost before they could walk and, although the girls later chose to pursue different careers, the boys all became successful professional racers.


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It's tough to not get a little emotional reflecting back on Nicky Hayden....

My favorite Nicky moment was only iconic to me.  I was racing in the American Nationals while Nicky was,before he had won the title, he was a teenager still.  He was a Honda rider, high on life, scootin around the paddock on a Honda pit bike with a cute girl on the back with his giant grin.  He saw me in my pit, stopped, asked a bit about my program, showed me some respect as a racer even though I was a privateer, joked with me a bit, and took off living his life.  Never spoke with him again but his demeanor, the sincerity, stayed with me forever.  His legacy as that genuine guy is not some press hype because he passed was the truth. I was and will always be his fan.  A tragic loss but a great memory for me.  

Well said @TW29.  My first interaction with Nicky was in 2k at Sears Point.  Nicky was sitting there, "99 AMA supersport title in hand at seventeen.  Leopard hair dye job, four or five factory mechanics intently listening to Nick's every word.  Cuties sitting on the HRC 18 wheeler.  Nick ever so focused discussing setup.  I wasn't sure what to make of the kid with the electric smile fifteen years my junior but boy did I wish I was him.  Huge fan forever.

RIP NH69, you are sorely missed

Favourite memory is him giving Earl a backie, knowing full well he was gonna get a heavy fine & some strong disciplinary words, and not giving a sh1t about anything apart from celebrating with the old man.

RIP NH69, always with us

Every young male bike fan in the US wanted to be Nicky Hayden in the early 2000's.  Coolest guy in racing.  Always had beatiful women, always liked by literally everyone he met. Even old guys who seemed to hate the dyed hair and "cool" attitude ending up loving the guy once they actually met him.  One of the nicest guys to ever come around bike racing 

I met him in Baytown at the track, I was sitting with Terry Poovey and Willie McCoy. Earl, was sitting up there with a clip board and stop watches taking notes on Tommy and Roger Lee. Nicky was pressed  up against the fence, his arm was in a cast and you could just feel the expression coming from him, of how bad he wanted to be out there racing. I walked over and asked him about the RC 51, and if he likes it. He looked up with a huge grin, and started telling me about it, like we had known each other our whole lives. We must have talked and joked around for an hour. I left the conversation feeeling like I had just made a friend. Even back then, I knew he was headed for greatness. But watching him mature, and rise to the pinacle of motorcycle racing, I was always amazed at his professionalism. A maturity beyond his years. Always humble, and always friendly, and that electric smile. It occured to me that he's probably one of the best ambassadors for our sport, that the world has ever seen, a true role model you never had to be embarrased by. An attitude that many other atheletes in this world could use as an example right about now. A true class act. Godspeed my brother...