The Repsol Honda riders, Marc Marquez and Dani Pedrosa, talk ahead of this weekend's action at the Malaysian Grand Prix. Marquez can clinch his his sixth world championship this weekend at Sepang by winning or finishing second, regardless of title contender Andrea Dovizioso.

Will he do it? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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For him (MM), I think if he feels he can win it without endangering his championship, yes, he'll probably do it.  That assumes a lot though.  He doensn't need to win it at all, which means he probably won't be out setting the pace all weekend long.  There's no need.  Dovi needs to win it, so all the pressure and risk are on him once again and even worse than last weekend.

And I'm not convinced he's right in the head after PI.  That crash in FP last weekend messed him up, took his level or risk down several notches.

For the sake of keeping the championship alive and giving us another reason to watch the battle at Valencia, I hope Dovi can snap out of it and give himself that little bit of hope left.  He needs to get Marquez below 25 points in his advantage.

Will he think like that or will be be looking at securing second over MV?

Go Dovi! We need you now more than ever to win it or bin it!  There's no next race.  Just focus and go for it!

Honda (especially Marc) is improving A LOT over the last season, look where they were before, and look where they're now. I think in Sepang Marc will clinch the title, either he finishing 2nd or 1st, or Dovi made mistake again. Marc is on fire, and learning from history, nothing can stop him but himself (making his own mistake).

Sepang is a good track for Dovi I hope.  Yup, to keep things spicy, I hope Dovi finishes a few places ahead of Marc.  Its nice to root for Dovi, and he would be a popular Champ...I would like it too...but its hard to deny that Marc is just simply the more dominant rider this year.  Everyone else has more or less been "hangin on"

I think he will try to close this championships soon and sure he can do it at sepang. But we don't know what in MM mind and what will Dorna plays here.

As we know MM is like to play a game.  In last year we can see he didn't hope closed championship in motegi. But suddenly crash happen to VR and JLo and he close championships.

Ok..we ready to see what will happen at sepang..


Marc "iv always had the fastest most competitive team mate" Marquez. I suppose he wants Honda to keep Dani until Alex wins a Moto 2 championship then it's a Marquez fest. Too bad he forced Stoner out of Honda, out of fear.

Luvtheracing.....Dovi's crash made me think of some of the crashes that Stoner had to suffer....and also the one that Rossi had at the top of the 'corkscrew', whilst braking in a straight line.

Gigi has a way to go yet, the Ducati is still ,after 9 years, throwing it's riders on the ground, (not so often though) ..........and still won't steer properly.

That crash of Dov's was vicious, they don't get much more vicious.

V46R Where do you get this complete rubbish from? You have absolutely nothing positive to say about Marc because you are such a blinkered Rossi supporter. In another 1-2 years when Rossi retires, I and many others on this forum, hope you go as well.

No nothing to do with it, everyone bashes Rossi if he gets beat by Vinales or when Lorenzo used to beat him. But the fact remains Rossi last team mates were fast and consistently fast. But just keep ignoring that fact! Pedrosa hasn't won a title since he joined Honda in 06 yet Lorenzo has won 3 & Vinales will most likely win a title. 

Marquez pushed Stoner out and demands Honda to keep Dani because he ain't a threat. Lol.

Flopsy pushed Zarco 2018M1 option because he's a real threat. Stoner was never returning anyway and he left due to Suzuka issue

CODGER, come on, Marquez had a crash identical to that in 2014 when he was 5s in the lead. In 2016, he had a 4s lead and the front washed away on another section of track. It’s not just a Ducati problem