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A round-up of all the top tweets and posts from MotoGP riders and teams across social media following the MotoGP action in Malaysia at the weekend.

Johann Zarco uploads on-board footage to his Twitter account following another impressive display at Sepang.


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better pray for rain then. 

MM only needs to finish 11th in Valencia for 5 points... If Dovi wins... It's game over Dovi!!!

May the best man win. I wish andrea and marc luck. both riders are real champions without using politics and mind games off the track.

Give it a rest! Don't be so Pathetic, every comment is Rossi hate. Politics & Mind Games! Marquez knows all about that, him and Lorenzo, dirty cheats. 2015 will go down in History as a Honda rider helped a Yamaha rider to win what is now a tarnished 2015 title, in turn ruining there careers! I think that what you meant UCCIO IS STILL...

Now I've said it, give you tiny little brain a rest!! 

blah blah blah... 

Anyone know dovi statistics in Valencia?

Year    Doci-Class    Dovi    Marc    Marc-Class
2001    125cc            
2002    125cc    17        
2003    125cc    8        
2004    125cc    2        
2005    250cc    9        
2006    250cc    7        
2007    250cc    4        
2008    MotoGP    4        
2009    MotoGP    8    17    125cc
2010    MotoGP    5    4    125cc
2011    MotoGP    3    WD    Moto2
2012    MotoGP    6    1    Moto2
2013    MotoGP    9    3    MotoGP
2014    MotoGP    4    1    MotoGP
2015    MotoGP    7    2    MotoGP
2016    MotoGP    7    2    MotoGP

They are both good lads. Id prefer Dovi but thats unlikely. Hes had a great season and is the best or second best rider in the world this year. Period. 

Still rooting for Marc because he is so spectacular to watch. It's odd that he happens to also be good because I don't normally support the 'best' whatever. Anyway could easily go south so will be an edge of the seat race till it is done.

Very unlikely since Spanish riders always strong at this track.. anyways, best of luck to Dovi.. because of him, final race will be interesting to watch unlike F1..