Marc Marquez is on his way to becoming the "top gun of motorcycling" and Valentino Rossi will face a battle to prevent the Repsol Honda rider from overtaking him in the MotoGP Hall of Fame. - Gulf Times, Qatar

KTM CEO Stefan Pierer has named Johann Zarco as the 'the only MotoGP rider I'm seriously considering for 2019'. - Speedweek, Germany

Valentino Rossi has claimed that he 'never' felt comfortable with his current bike “from the first test". - Daily Star, United Kingdom

After claiming a fourth championship title but crashing 27 times along the way, Marc Marquez has explained how ‘difficult’ it is to forget a crash and "go out tomorrow morning and go fast again". - Fox Sports, Australia

After agreeing a contract extension, Silverstone managing director Stuart Pringle has stated that “a lot of time and money” has been spent ensuring fans enjoy what the track offers. Pringle also explained that they “are delighted to have secured the contract to 2020". - Daily Mail, United Kingdom

Jorge Lorenzo has claimed that his decision to remain in front of Andrea Dovizioso in Valencia was "best for the team and for Dovi”. - Read Motorsport

Marc Marquez suffered hair loss earlier this season due to “too much stress” before being advised by MotoGP medical director to “change approach to racing”. - Eurosport


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MM might very well top VR's career stats, but there's a way to go yet - he'd need to win the title for the next three years at least. It could happen... but equally it might not... IMO part of Rossi's longevity has been that he's never really seriously injured himself, whereas already MM has nearly blinded himself and has a shoulder that pops out easily.

If MM keeps it rubber side down, it could happen, but equally just one big crash and his best years will be behind him.

Good luck to him though - records are meant to be broken


I'm not really a huge fan of Rossi, but there is no way anyone can argue what he has done for the sport. He carried the sport on his back and made motogp what it is today. Regardless of how many races Marquez wins, or how many records he breaks, it is impossible for him to overtake what Rossi has done for this sport. 


What has rossi done for the sport? He was bulding his own merchandise imperium and selling his persona and making PR for himself, thats all. You better should be talking about what Mick Doohan, Rainey and Schwantz has done for the sport. What rossi did was building up his fanbase not the MotoGP fanbase. The MotoGP fanbas was growing with big chatacters, not just rossi, but all of them like biaggi, capirossi, stoner, lorenzo, marquez. Its about everybody not just rossi.

furthermore not every rider wants to be a clown like rossi. Its ok for rossi to play that role, he is a communicative guy and thats him, but saying nobody cant do this like him is not something negative. let the riders be riders not PR robots. I like Zarco who is a quiet guy, he will never be polarizing like rossi, so what? does it make him less valuable? Marquez is crazy, pedrosa is quiet, Vinales and Lorenzo are very calm and analyzing, whats bad about that? That doesn make them better or worse than rossi. Its just their persona, people let Rossi be who he is but dont take his behaviour as a standard. Nobody has to follow it.

You really do hate rossi don't you


Great comment. True. 

Pretty fair comment, apart from the Stoner part - he has all the character of a wet sponge.

I think from a records point of view he will probably overtake Rossi. But he will never overtake Rossi's standing in the sport. Rossi will always have the support long after retirement. Marquez's on the edge style might ultimatley decide whether he does or doesn't.

Rossi was just in the right place at the right time. Dorna was changing the formula from Two Strokes to four strokes and needed to Market themselves to compete with then popular Superbike series. Rossi's charisma at the time was an opportune moment for them and they took advantage of it. The credit goes to the Dorna marketing geniuses. Marquez will sustain the popularity of the sport When Ross is gone

So salty and jealous. Make sure you don't give Rossi any credit, I suppose Rossi was just lucky!! Ha ha! If Rossi was lucky then what is MM. MM jumped on a factory Honda, never rode a satellite, in fact MM had the best bike since his career started. 

So just give it a rest.



The Honda Satelites are 100% like Marcs Repsol. Luccio said it today in an interview, but he said it million times before and Cal too. Cal also said Marc would win on his Bike and he would even win with the KTM. So your excuse is nonsense.

Btw no rossi wasnt just lucky. All of his 9 titles was deserved, no one is taking it away from him and Rossi was the best at his time, no doubt. But Marc beat him and set the bars even higher, not just for him but also for faster riders like lorenzo, vinales and dovi.

Every world title is hard earned. No matter if it was rossi, marquez or lorenzo.