Livio Suppo believes that MotoGP will be ‘easier’ for Marc Marquez in the next few years as long as “he does not leave in 2019 and 2020”. However, Suppo believes that the World Champion will not be persuaded by wages as he “does not run for money”. - Marca

Moto3 World Champion Joan Mir feels he has more similarities with Valentino Rossi than fellow countryman Marquez. - AS

HRC president Yoshishige Nomura has revealed that Honda’s “number one priority” is to renew Marquez’s contract. - Marca

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Franco Morbidelli has expressed his excitement to ride with Rossi and Marquez. The Italian rider explained that he “tried to learn as much as possible during those laps”. - GP One

Cal Crutchlow has explained that the 2018 Honda prototype “works well” after testing in Jerez. The British rider said “Of course we still have to make some adjustments. The bike feels good, but not like the 2017 bike”. - Speed Week


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Wow Jorge's wages are gonna look like chicken feed if Honda and KTM get into a bidding war for Marc.

Maybe it'll be Yamaha in the end... That'd be fun!

Honda is all about bushido code of samurai, that is LOYALTY. Be loyal and you're going to be rewarded. Look at Dani, winning races, but not a single title. Yet Honda carries him through these years.

There was a Honda rider called Rossi who decided to be a ronin and commit the mutiny in 2002. He ceased to exist on Honda's book, not even after 2 dominant titles.

If he stays with Honda, Rossi could've done more than just 10 titles. But it would be terrible for the show because Honda would be so dominant all weekends, there will be nothing left to see.

if he stayed with Ducati Ducati bosses would borrow swords from Japan and do harakiri themselves.

LMAO:).Dude you just won internet for today.Even ice bergs are not enough to apply on that burn.

Why are you commenting on your own comments with a different username??? Everyone is laughing at you!!  Tool.


As you put it, "Honda has carried Danny through all these years." But from where Dani sits, he has won 54 Motogp wins for the team, who is carrying who? 


54 wins span over what, 13 years? How about Marc 35 wins on motoGP alone over 4 years. Point is, Dani didn't win a single title. If it's any other factory team, it would be easier to just remove Dani.

Another case is the late Nicky Hayden, winning the only 2006 title for Honda, but struggling later until WSBK move in 2015, yet still on a Honda team. There's always a place, even if it's the faraway WSBK land or any other competition.

Honda values loyalty more than any other teams. End of.

Dani had wins this year, was fourth in the riders championship, with Marc he won the team championship again helping Honda win the constructors championship and you reckon he's only there through loyalty.