KTM CEO Stefan Pierer has revealed that their MotoGP goal for 2019 is to acquire the services of the highly-rated Johann Zarco. Pierer also spoke about Marc Marquez to the manufacturer “Marc is undoubtedly a great champion, but if he turned out not to be competitive with the KTM, it could only be the fault of the bike". - GP One

Max Biaggi has explained that the next steps in his career will involve the growth and development of young talent. The former World Champion said he desires a role that will allow him to aid new riders with “how to approach” races and “tips on the technical parts”. - Gazzetta

Valentino Rossi’s helmet for this year’s winter testing has been unveiled and the graphics are inspired by Mexican Huichol art, with the design being entirely hand painted. - GP One

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Suzuki rider Alex Rins has expressed his satisfaction with his last test, revealing that he “focused especially on working with the new engine”. The Spaniard also spoke about the testing of several chassis, “So we collected very important information for the plant in Japan”. - Speed Week

Scott Redding has explained that although Aprilia have “made good progress” there is still “much to do” ahead of 2018. Redding explained, “I am strongly motivated because I see that Aprilia has confidence in my indications and wants to provide me with a competitive packager next season". - Corriere Dello Sport


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When was the last time you saw a manufacturer doubt its own package's ability even before signing a multiple world champion?


They're not really doubting the bike just being realistic, if the world champion couldn't make it work it's not good enough. if Zarco failed he'd get the blame. 

"if the world champion couldn't make it work it's not good enough"
Which is exactly what I meant when i said they are doubting the package even before they sign on a multiple WC. 

KTM are just being honest, they know the Repsol Honda is the best bike on the grid so thinking MM can win on the KTM is a massive gamble, the KTM GP bike probably needs more time to be a winner. If they have to pay MM a considerable sum of money to move and he spends most of his time in gravel trap then what??

MM has proved he can win on the best bike, but he hasn't rode a interior motorcycle yet, he never rode the satellite Honda. So its a big gamble for KTM. They may know MM is overrated.


I think the honda has been the most inferior bike in the last couple of years.MM is just that special.

Just look now at Miller and Rabat on an year old Duc. I think the yamaha has been the most complete motorcycle in the last few seasons. Yamaha just tossed it in the last part of this season.

The only real Honda is the factory Repsol Honda, with superior electronics and tech support. Stoner only did ok on the satellite Honda in 06, he won the title in style when he jumped on the factory Repsol Honda. Miller and Rabat were riding a satellite Honda.

The satellite Yamaha is a lot closer to the factory Yamaha, then the satellite Honda is to the factory Honda's. Fact. 

Miller would be competitive on the Repsol Honda, but he never got the chance. 

THe median Honda hasn't been the best, but the official one with Marquez and Pedrosa has always been on top. Except for 2015 it definitely hasn't been lower than 2nd best since maybe 2011 or 2012

And the only people saying otherwise are generally diehard Stoner fans that carried over to Marquez 

could you please explain best bike? Ducati stronger in HP and top speed, Yamaha better cornering and honda is known for its lack of acceleration and stability. the 2 other factory hondas are far from top and only Pedrosa's couple special tracks  can change the honda riders finish line order.. with all yamaha issues - both riders were at the top 6 almost every race , same for ducati once JL got a grip on the bike. if the usual bike/rider is 20/80, in MM case its 5/95. without MM honda would be lucky with a  win per season. not really a best bike stat.

I fear that if MM were enticed to take on the KTM challenge and have to rebuild another bike to winning form, he'd go bald by the end of 2019's season or be hospitalized from a chronic ulcer.

It makes me relieved to see that Honda have put together a 2018 package the just needs some polishing, instead of the 'through the entire bike back on the workbench' bikes they have been providing him with for the last three seasons.