Marc Marquez is expecting tough competition from MotoGP newcomer Franco Morbidelli: “We all race to win, we like competition, but we want to win, Morbidelli comes up in MotoGP and I’m sure he does well, when you have been a champion, you have the talent and you have to polish the things that each category requires". - Marca

After taking part in the MotoGP test in Jerez, Takaaki Nakagami underwent an operation in his right arm for compartment syndrome, a condition that occurs when pressure within the muscles builds. The Japanese rider has announced after a recent medical procedure: “The operation was a success. Thanks a lot Xavier Mir. I hope that my problem is now resolved." - Speed Week

After recently moving from MotoGP to Moto2, Hector Barbera has revealed that his goal is to succeed and that Moto2 will not be where he finishes his career: “The goal for the next season is to fight to be world champion and I think we have the tools to achieve it, I want to be a world champion, but I do not finish my sports career here." - Marca

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Marc Marquez has selected 20 young riders from Spain, Germany, Czech Republic, Israel and the Netherlands to participate at the Allianz Junior Motor Camp. With the objective of improving the individual’s techniques, Marquez said, “Every year the level of boys and girls who show up at the Allianz Junior Motor Camp rises and it makes it very difficult for me to choose only 20.” - AS

Andrea Dovizioso will participate in a charity motocross race this weekend for the A Smile For Mietta foundation. Dovizioso has take part in the race several times with the proceeds going to a variety of charities such as foundations for earthquake victims. - Speed Week


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What a twist in fate, those last two paragraphs.  MM resting and promoting, while Dovi's hopping on the dirt track and promoting for a good cause.  What year is this?  Or is this just a dream world? 

Good to see our champions leading and helping riders and organizations alike.

I dont think Morbidelli is in the same league as MM. No one is really, but hes been imprssive so far and may well surprise a few next year.

I think MM's next rival will be Mir and he's atleast 2 years away from being called up to premier class unless some manufacturer wants to pull him out of Moto 2 and straight onto GP like they did with Miller.

Maybe I'm not reading the tea leaves correctly.  I think Zarco is what Pedrosa should or could be.  Zarco seems to be able to ride a tire choice softer than his rivals and make it last to the end of the race.  Pedrosa's known for that too, but only in warm or hot weather. 

Zarco may be on to a formula of riding style and tire combination that his rivals cannot often match.  I'd put FM in Zarco's category of smooth fast riding and smart tire management.

Franky is as fast as MM who had lots of trouble beating Pol in Moto2. Franky is the real deal the fastest italian/brazilian since Rossi. He should had signed with some other factory as I think MM will sabbotage him.

"I think MM will sabbotage him"

hahah, oh man! 

the young prodigy, the 6 time worldchampion, needs to sabbotage FM! tsk tsk tsk


6 & 1/2 times world champion, lets not forget JL & MM share the 2015 world championship trophy! ;-)

You're confusing MM with Flopsy. Flopsy sabotages teammates. Builds walls, plays mind games, hatches conspiracy theories when he loses and recently played chassis war and sabotaged his rookie teammates brilliant championship start.

Very true. He is a dirty cheat we all witnessed his 2015 tactics, him and JL are the only ones in History to have to put both there names on the trophy! Lol! 

But ya I wouldn't put it past him to do something within the team to prevent updates etc..

you're a joke. please continue embarassing all VR fans on their behalf!