Maverick Vinales has revealed the frustration of his 2017 MotoGP season stating: “It’s the year I’ve suffered the most.” With three wins from fifty starts, the Spaniard said “I started the year with a thought, in a great physical and mental form, I thought others would struggle to beat me… then the highs and lows with the tires." - Marca

Alex Rins’ crew chief, Manuel Cazeaux, believes that Suzuki are now moving in the right direction thanks to the 2018 engine. When talking about 2017’s engine, Cazeaux said: “the engine, which was a handicap in some areas and was a step backwards." - Speed Week

MotoGP newcomer Takaaki Nakagami has revealed his priorities ahead of 2018. The Japanese rider said “My first goal is to enjoy the races, and if I get good results, I’m especially happy for my team. It’s a great feeling to see your crew cheering and beaming." - Speed Week


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"I thought others would struggle to beat me," MV

What is it about the rider in that spot on that team, that they have a feverish need to stroke their own ego?  I'm liking MV less and less every time he talks about his greatness, but liking JLo's humility and respecting his alien talent now that he's on a different bike. 

MV, just say 2017 was a dissappointment at how quickly the competitive nature of MotoGP can be, the fact that other teams worked through their problems slightly better than did Yamaha and that both VR and you are focused on reversing that trend.  There.  I'm liking you more already. 


After his pre-season domination he wasn't exactly wrong to think that was he? Everyone else thought it to, we all thought he'd run away with it.

With the Yamaha seemingly back up to speed for next season he probably thinks the same now.


Nothing wrong with confidence, it's a sport after all! MV will be back next year and will be pushing hard.

JLo's humility!! You smoking something! He has done nothing on the Ducati yet only payback his debt to MM in Valencia for the 2015 title. JL is the most arrogant Rider on the grid at the moment, if he is starting to show humility then it's because he knows he can't win a title on the Ducati and Dovi has 7 grand prix wins and Iannone has 1 on possible the most versatile Ducati Gp bike ever.

JL will be kicked out next season if he can't win and beat Dovi! But I hope I'm wrong. JL is a fantastic rider but the Ducati isn't the bike for him and iv said that from the beginning.

Suzuki would be dumb not to take him if that does occur, even if they had a 3 rider factory effort.

JL didn't ask his factory to hire their Italian engineers like a certain Italian told his Japanese factory to do when he ruined the bike. So yeah, JL is far less arrogant than your idolo who blames everyone but himself for when he comes up short on excuses. 

*fire not hire

I like these interviews where riders speak their mind. A racer needs an ego, also in verbal output. If he thought he's head and shoulders above the rest, then say it. Of course it is a disappointment when it does not happen in reality. But that should provide the drive to win, not rolling around in self-pity.

It certainly is not a Spanish or Italian mentality to state "we will do our best and see if it is enough". It is more of a Finnish thing, think Raikkonen, Hakkinen and a dozen rally drivers.

Then again not everyone has to like the rhetoric of a particular rider, or culture, either. But what I personally like, regardless of the rhetoric, is an athlete speaking their mind without being a mindless drone blabbering thru the sponsor lists first and then saying nothing, like one can see in Nascar.

Yamaha followed what MV wanted and look what happened do not forget Vali is what I say 


Yes because MV was the one Yamaha went to when JL announced departure to Ducati mid 2016 to develop the 2017 M1. Hmmm 

It is truely bizzare that everyone here got minuses for there comments. It seems that someone is getting paid to troll everyone. 

Wow though MV suffered more this year than in 2012 when he..... quit on his team?

Yes that was a bit of a troll post - yet true, I deserve minusses - but most of the posts above do not. This fan boy stuff has gotten way too carried away. Noone else here believes that this has nothing to do with sport anymore? I know VR46 agrees.