Maverick Vinales is surprised that there was no conflict between him and MotoGP teammate Valentino Rossi this season. The Spaniard said “The truth is that I thought that having Rossi as a partner was going to be more complicated. We have been very good at it all, we respect each other very much and that is very important." - AS

After a fantastic season, Johann Zarco has set his sights on carrying his recent form into 2018. The Frenchman said “I am happy for my last four races of 2017. I managed to maintain a very good pace and i was able to fight for the victory. My goal next season is to start in the same way I finished the previous one. I’m sure that I’ll be able to fight most of the time for the podium positions." - Marca

Toni Elias, the first world champion in the history of the Moto2 category, believes there are many similarities between Marc Marquez and Valentino Rossi. Elias said “Marquez is just like Rossi. Marc studied Valentino in every move of his career, combining what he learned from his direct predecessor with his own winning DNA, to then beat him several times. The difference between Marquez and Rossi is the age: the former is 24 years old and the latter is 38.” - GP One


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History shows us it's just a matter of time Mav...

Wow...yes it is very importance except wining the championship.... time will show...

Well, Rossi is officially Yamaha's number 2 factory rider now, isn't he?  Maybe Mavis should insist on a pit box wall?


Rosi being old and now just to be icon for motogp and yamaha sale...

This year yamaha sale in asia decline except in malaysia, the commercial with rosi as starr  detained to show for more than 2 month and start again after his accident... because the news of his accident can be point of sales for yamaha... 

Yes yamaha exploit rosi for their sale... 

But not sure if rosi to be number 2 rider, it is depent on yamaha decision, and Lin Jarvis is the key role in this... His role to manage yam mov...

Give it time Mav, give it time,he'll turn on you when you start to make him look bad lol.


This sounds like a PR thing Lin Jarvis made Maverick say just to dumb down the negative press they've recieved all year.

On another note there is MV saying he should have been stricter with Yamaha when they forced him to change chassis one after the other which he never asked for.

Oh dear...SENNAFTWAT...Chickens....Pepi la pew.... this article is about more than Rossi however it just proves the haters you are... its about time Crash got their act together and sorted you haters!!

Go cry somewhere else Flopsy fanboy. 
This article does not mention the fact that Vinales publicly lambasted Yamaha for not listening to him and it indirectly confirms what everyone else has stated all season about Flopsy ruining Yamaha M1 by throwing half a dozen chassis at it. 

No surprise. I've said it before and I'll say it again.....Rossi doesn't fall out with riders that beat him fairly and squarely.

He saw reasons to fall out with some riders and his reasons are well documented. ( whether the reason were right or up for debate :) )

As regards Mr Stoner, wasn't it the other way round ?

As regards the link given above.

Good, honest account given by Maverick, holds his hands to his own mistakes too. Respect.

Interestingly neither the article nor Mav mention the change in tyres that sapped his confidence....his team mate's too.