Johann Zarco has side-stepped speculation about a potential MotoGP move to KTM by stating that he does “not want to think about this now”. The Frenchman’s future has been a hot topic in recent weeks and Zarco has been impressed with KTM’s progress despite his attempts to discuss a future deal with the team “I am happy because this year they have done an incredible job, it seems that they can still improve more in the future." - Marca

Mika Kallio, test rider for Red Bull KTM, has insisted that the teams development ’never stood still’. The Finn said “If you’re involved in such a big, young project you have to make a huge effort like we did in 2017." - Speed Week

Andrea Dovizioso is confident he can replicate last season's form in 2018 but he is aware that other teams will now be wary of him “Just I think competitors will look at us in a little bit of a different way than at the beginning of this season." - Crash


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Hmmm.. in others disscuss a lot of readers give me negative response when i say that ktm contract for Zarco ready on the table.. and i said the serious talk about it may be happen (start) in March 2018. Although their budget has its limit, but i heard KTM offers is veri interesting offering. Include as KTM ad star for penetration Asia market and ofcourse he will get some advantage from this. But it is not just about money..

Is Zarco will sign the contract ?   It is depend on how yamaha treat him. In his mind he still want in yamaha and to be a yamaha factory rider and not in satelite team for next. But with his performace  ofcourse he have some choice in his hand. Let we see what will happen next...

He is a very talent rider and he can choose any choice that properly for himself..

Honestly i do not think serous discuss happen as soon as like Marca say..and if that true it is surprised me too..

If Yamaha lose will be shame for yamaha...But if KTM really finishes next to Honda, Yamaha, Ducati, & Tech3,,then we can expect Another Cassey Stoner but on KTM...But we can't wish for Rossi's departure from the sport and MV out of Yamaha...So it will also be challenge for Yamaha to keep him at Tech3...But Yamaha should fund Tech3 as much as Dovi or Dani paid...I think its about 3.5-4 millions...Should see how Yamaha can protect him...

I think suzuki is good bike. Remember Kevin Schwant and Kenny Robert, They win championship by suzuki..

After long time left motogp, now they come back.  I m sure in 2 or 3 years they will have good motogp bike and if they can recruit talent rider they can compete for championship..

I'm not sure if honda interest for recruit Zarco in next 4 year.  A lot of good new rider in honda (like morbideli, luthi, nakagami that they must support to development and they still have pedrosa and marquez). So honda not interesting for recruiting Zarco in next 2 or 3 years. 

KTM is good bike too. But now they still in development their bike. If they can find good talent rider, may be they can develop faster..

But like i have said, let we wait and see what will Zarco do for future... He good and talent rider and he can make good choice for his own..

As much as Maverik was hyped for his actual riding talent before 2017, I view Johann similarly. Only, I suspect he knows something that all the others don't. 

It could be his approach to race management that's different or it could be some mastery he has of the equipment he is presented with.  Whatever it is, he has something up his sleeve.

He could be even more dangerous to the world championship hopes of others next season.  Put competitive equipment under him with a little more horsepower and I feel he could make a surprise dash at the championship.

He's hiding something and I like the dynamic he brings to MotoGP.

Hmm like i say a lot of negatif response Many yamaha fans do not rail if yamaha lost zarco...


Yes sure he is still hide his trump card.  But i think he is better than MV., people around him (zarco) in garage and team always say something good about him, including his chief crew.

Behind the screen rumors i hear yamaha have plan (more interest) to recruit morbidelli after his contract end... Honestly in last 3 years, yamaha make any mistake to manage their team (both factory and satelite).

If readers don't like my comment it is natural to be happen. But all i said is the fact that i have know..