Maverick Vinales has revealed he is surprised by his MotoGP results this season despite finishing third overall. The Movistar Yamaha rider said “I thought others would struggle to beat me. I’d dominated in testing, I was also strong at Austin, the only guy able to fight with Marc Marquez in a race, even with a front tyre problem. I was very strong, I was the rider to beat. Then came the highs and lows with the tyres and bike." - GP One

The late Angel Nieto has been awarded with a Honorary degree from the Miguel Hernandez University. The former world champion passed away in August after succumbing to injuries from a traffic accident and his son Angel Nieto Jr said “He was loved by all fans of the motor world and even by those who were not. To restore that love, we are now preparing the Angel Nieto Foundation. We want our father’s legacy to last for a long time and help victims of traffic accidents." - AS

Pol Espargaro has credited him older brother Aleix for playing a 'significant role' in his early development. The Spanish rider said “Aleix taught me a lot, not just for motorcycling. I’ve always told the press: I won the 2013 Moto2 World Championship title against Scott Redding because I had good people around me, and Aleix played a significant role in that. He helped me in every single race and always raised me when I was down." - Speed Week

Red Bull KTM rider Bradley Smith believes he has learned a lot from this season but ‘could not wait’ for a holiday at the end of the season. Smith said “I learned a lot as an individual this season. Seen from many sides. From the point of view of racing, from the point of view of team politics to the pressure of the media and so on. It was really an interesting year." - Speed Week


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Its no wonder if some failed to reach his ambition...Because its racing...anything can happen...

It does make you wonder what would have happened if MV had stayed put at Suzuki, they may not have made the mistake with development direction of the bike had he given his input? who knows!

But suddenly he started strugling...may be team mistake...because of changes...he was very strong in first 3 races,,,Off crashe at Austin but had good pace for victory...But it felt really strange to him out of top 8 at jerez,,and gained in next two rounds but again strugled at Montemelo...What would be wrong...Either he convinced by rossi's input or yamaha fault???

From an outside perspective it looked almost as though he spent a large part of the year in shock at being so convincingly beaten. There's no doubting his ability around the track but I suspect now that his opponents have recognised that MV might be fragile when it comes to self-confidence.

dont think its self confidence issue - he was depressed witht he bike development going nowhere.

second half he was just a broken man. his interviews are so sad - get worse and worse ..

He certainly looked like the benchmark at the start of the year but somehow it all fell apart and I suspect no one really knows why.  The point made about mental resilience may have a lot to do with it but it's also more than that I think, perhaps a break and some machine development will make all the difference - here's hoping.....

@DON-R: Don't think you were watching much of the 2017 Motogp season when you state Mav was convincingly beaten. Just to bring you up to date, Mav ended the season on 230 points coming third in the 2017 standings. 

Dickens,nearly 70 points is convincing