Yamaha’s team boss Lin Jarvis has claimed that the MotoGP team do not miss Jorge Lorenzo. Jarvis said “Obviously we had a long relationship with Jorge, he won three titles with us, and we have many good memories when we see him in the paddock, but I think we would have encountered the same problems with or without Jorge, which is why I miss him more at the social level." - Marca

Cal Crutchlow has revealed that he hopes 2018’s bike is “a little easier to ride” after a season where his best position was third. The British rider said “In the entry into the corner we have worsened this year a bit… I do not think there will be a big change." - AS

Marc Marquez has reiterated his content with HRC, claiming that he is with “the biggest company in the world”. When asked if the MotoGP world champion would consider leaving Honda he said “I would always be in a winning team and in motorcycling every rider is lucky to be present: you have to find the best place that enhances your qualities and explode your talent." - Gazzetta

Andrea Iannone has spoken about the difficulties that he faced in his first season with Suzuki. The Italian rider said “Patience and focus are the key of success, this is something I’ve always believed in. We got into a lot of frustration but even in the darkest times, we never lost our faith in hard work." - Crash.net


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Good point from Lin Jarvis...we will see for next season..

Aww you will upset SENNAFTW by saying even with JL the Yamaha team would still have had problems, because apparently JL was developing the Ducati even in 2016 season. And yet even with all the development he had done he still couldn't win in 2017. AD and input from CS have helped the Ducati. End of story.

Lin Jarvis is about to lose his job if he gives Yamaha another disastrous season like this. Ofcourse he'll try to pass the buck to Jorge because it must hurt for him to see that Jorge has adapted to that Ducati in just one season while his seasoned veteran struggled to ride an M1 he built from the ground up. A lot of journalists asked him this whole year when Yamaha was struggling if he missed Jorge who was getting closer and closer to his first win aboard a non Yamaha GP bike.

As for Ducati:
AD himself has stated that Jorge has helped Ducati develop the Desmo to his liking because they have similar riding style which was not the case with his previous teammate Iannone who was anything but smooth, a fact his Suzuki career has shown. 


Q: Are you happy with your reputation inside of Ducati?

"I’m very happy because this year it has increased. Jorge’s arrival has confirmed some aspects of the bike that I had always talked about but a lot of people inside of the team didn’t see that clear.

"His arrival has made everyone realise what is the reality of the bike. And that, obviously, has increased my value as a rider."  - Andrea Dovizioso.

Now crawl back into the Flopsy hole boi! 

As for Casey, he never tested at 

Casey never tested at Mugello, a test that Ducati stated was the turning point of the season for the bike to be a title contender. Pirro, Jorge, Dovi and Petrux tested there.

Casey tested at Barcelona for two days.

Ohh my god you are delusional, yes JL has adapted well! You do realise it was AD that won 6 GPs last season and AI and AD did well in 2016 season taking a win each and several podiums.

We need to thank Casey, Pirro, Dovi for there input and probably the biggest factor is Audi pumping money into Ducati.

Get real you idiot, JL has very little impact on the results Ducati are getting, Ducati management even said it's impossible know what JL needs. Take your head out of JL's ass, you seem to forget JL has a lot of other test riders helping him and still no win.

Give AD the credit he deserves, I know that must be impossible for you since he is apparently a hamster!!! Although I think it's just the fact he is Italian, your hate towards Italians is pathetic.

It's not Italians that everyone hates.


Yes may be litle impact, but it make ducati can beat MM, and Dovi to be 2nd in championship.

A litle bit that you can give may be it a crucial thing for the team and make better sucess for the team.