Paulo Ciabatti, Ducati's Sport Director, has discussed the possibility of offering new MotoGP contracts to Andrea Dovizioso and Jorge Lorenzo, claiming the negotiations will be ‘complicated’. Ciabatti said “Obviously we would like to re-sign both, but the budget is not infinite and we cannot send it all in one direction. We are obviously aware that Dovizioso expects an offer in line with his latest results… we will be speaking with Andrea soon." - GP One

KTM CEO, Stefan Pierer, would not be interested in making an offer for Marc Marquez due to costs and the affects it would have on the team’s junior program. The Austrian said “such an obligation would be counterproductive to our junior program, which we have built so carefully… I do not want to spend so much money on a rider like Marquez and thereby block our MotoGP seats for our own offspring." - Speed Week

Valentino Rossi’s Crew Chief, Silvano Galbusera, believes the team “need to work on the electronics” after a season he summed up as ’terrible’. Galbusera claimed “Ducati and Honda have grown and you can tell by listening to the sound of their bikes." - GP One

Rossi has reportedly won the legal battle surrounding his ‘Ranch’ after the Regional Administrative Tribunal of the Marche Region came to a positive conclusion. One complaint made by neighbours was in regards to the level of noise from the Italian’s dirt track, however, the court ruled in Rossi’s favour after it was determined that the volume levels were acceptable and lunch and night periods were not being disregarded. - Speed Week


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"I do not want to spend so much money on a rider like Marquez and thereby block our MotoGP seats for our own offspring."- Pierer.

Okay what the heck is this man talking about? Isn't Redbull their primary sponsor and isn't sponsorship money paying the riders? Is he telling me that Redbull would not sponsor MM at KTM?
As for the second part about "thereby block our MotoGP seats for our own offspring.", didn't MM ride for KTM in the 125 class while being sponsored by Redbull AND Repsol? So isn't MM technically an offspring even though it was the abandoned one that made its name elsewhere? 

Actually KTM boss stated that if Marc fails to get good results that will not be MM's fault and its only Bike's Fault and also stated he don't want ruin Marquez Bright career...I agree with you that If KTM does't want to block their Junior riders then why they are considering Zarco in 2019

Marc began his career on ktm having steong red bull sponsorship marc may jump to ktm may be only when he not found himself enjoying on honda his ktm switch only possible if they prove themselves they are race winning  trust worthy competitor and i bet ktm will prove given that having strong redbull backing they have dominated every sport they are already championship contender in moto3 probably in moto2 in 2018 and might they dominate in future ktm dream of marquez will give possible view that future of motogp will certainly be orange

KTM does well in off-road.. on road racing they only do good if there is no works Yamaha or Honda. They shined in moto3 and see what happened after Honda starting to provide full factory support and works bikes.. don’t underestimate others nor do overestimate KTM. Big companies had nothing to prove so they left moto3. Motogp won’t be that easy as any other racing as Honda and Yamaha alreay will do anything to win and on top now we have Aprilia, Ducati and Suzuki and Ducati has joined Yamaha and Honda on top steps... not a easy deal.  Let’s wait and watch. KTM won’t dominate even if it wins few races. Hope it won’t be another wasted effort like KTSs WSBK

“Obviously we would like to re-sign both, but the budget is not infinite and we cannot send it all in one direction..........."

Not strictly true.....They sent it all in one direction in 2017, and they sent all in one diercetion in Crutchlow's way.

Remember when Yamaha took some of Rossi's wages and gave it to Lorenzo ? It will be interesting to see Jorge's reaction if they took some of his wages to bump up Dovi's.

I know I am a Dovi a fan and can be thought to be biased, but Dovi has done enough over the past 4 or 5 seasons to have earned the appellation of #1 rider. No disrespect to Jorge intended, after all who's to say that he won't better Dovi next season anyway. ( I'll strike him off my Christmas card list if he does! ) 

i hear your logic, he indeed did a lot and deserves a salary increase.

But realistically speaking, he won't earn as much or even close to JL for the simple fact of: 

# of championships: JL 5 vs. AD 1. Especially when they both followed each others careers and the numbers speak for themselves

I remember reading about KTm boss saying if we sign up Marc and if we fail it will be our bike to blame so we are not interested on this website as well as in Motogp site and now he says it’s because of cost ? 

Sueing VR in an Italian court would be like trying to sue The Pope or maybe even God, how did these people think they'd have a snowball's chance of winning? I admire Stefan Pierer's stance on buying in top shelf talent at top shelf prices, he's got better things to spend his money on right now like bike development. It won't do his junior riders any harm at all to see that if they work hard they might go through the program and get the factory ride.

Finally Rossi won that...Great news...But don't they neibhours know that Ranch was built with all legal permissions...??? Why all they tried to spoil Rossi ??? So from now no obligations against Rossi and They can't even touch him...

WH......What you say is true although it seems to me payment should be on results and not potential results. After what happened in 2017 then on paper, at least, Dovi's potential is looking better than Jorge's.

Cal Crutchlow was paid more than Dovi and couldn't ride the Ducati collecting only 70 points.

Dovi jumped off of a sweet handling Yamaha onto a Ducati that not only had handling issues but tended to unseat it's riders, scoring 140 points.

Jorge jumped off a sweet handling Yamaha onto a competitive Ducati and scored 137 points.

In fact, ever since Dovi has ridden the Ducati he has finished ahead of his respective team mate. ( Of course I am well aware that Lozzer might end that run in 2018 )