Johann Zarco does not want development in his MotoGP career to depend on Valentino Rossi’s future. The highly-rated Frenchman said “If I show intelligence I can squeeze the bike 100%, I will not be far from the top three of the World Championship. Yamaha awaits the decision of Rossi, it’s my turn to convince them. In any case, my career will not depend on the decisions of Valentino." - Marco

Ducati driver Jorge Lorenzo has revealed he would ‘love’ to compete in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The Spaniard is a big fan of Formula 1 and he said “If I ever say goodbye to the MotoGP World Cup, I could do a lot better on four-wheel races. Four years ago I drove Ferrari 458 in Abu Dhabi. One day, I would love to attend the 24 Hours of Le Mans. That’s a lot more realistic than a season in Formula 1." - Speed Week

Yamaha team boss Lin Jarvis has called for teams to keep the rider market 'under control’ as 12 riders are set to finish their contracts at the end of the year, including Marquez, Rossi and Lorenzo. With Honda, Ducati, Yamaha, Suzuki, KTM and Aprilia all thought to be involved, Jarvis expects bids to increase and said “It is a concern for the six manufacturers, in the past, maybe we had three leading manufacturers and everyone needs to achieve success, and to do so you need to ensure a superior rider to extract the maximum performance from your project. If there are three teams bidding for a group of riders is different if there are six teams making offers. It is not easy because we are all competitive, but I think it is somehow up to us to collectively keep the riders’ market under some control and direction." - AS

Andrea Iannone has spoken about challenges he faced after his move from Ducati to Suzuki. The Italian rider said “It wasn’t easy to accept the situation I found myself in after the last two years in MotoGP, from being a factory Ducati rider, always up front, to finding myself eighteenth was unexpected, I wasn’t prepared, it really came as a tough blow… There were days I couldn’t even talk, I thought only about this, everything was black." - GP One


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It would be great if Johann's efforts take him all the way to the top.

He will be riding the 2017 bike, so if he succeeds on that then Yamaha will wondering what went wrong for the Factory effort last year.

Mr Zarco will be riding his heart out in 2018, so let's hope all goes well for him.

What ! that 2017 bike ? Which rossi and vinales struggled through out season to compete in championship . He will ride that bike ?

Lin Jarvis already sounds sh*t scared of losing his young guns and no wonder wants to act as the savior of all the teams money in terms of splurging on the big names. Lin knows he goofed up and he for sure knows Zarco is going to be yanked in atleast 3 directions by 3 factories for 2019 season. And if he treats Maverick like he did this year, MV might ask Zarco to hold the door open on the way out too :D  

"treats maverick like he did this year"?

Exactly how did Yamaha/Jarvis treat Maverick poorly? 

If MV wants to blame anybody for his turn of fortunes in 2017, he can blame Michelin for changing the front tire construction at the midpoint.  It's not like they changed the bike based on Rossi's say-so and left MV hanging.  Both riders had massive problems with the 2017 chassis once the front tire was changed.

Yamaha, and Jarvis, treated MV as more or less (IMO, anyway) an equal to Rossi, which is more than you would expect for a new rider to the team compared to a 9x world champion. 

Pay attention to post race interviews more often next time. In an interview with Mat Oxley, Yamaha said they could only provide one type of chassis to both riders and they could not manufacture two different chassis for two different riders. Hence why Maverick got the shaft when he repeatedly asked Yamaha to not play with the chassis. He was perfectly capable of winning races as he demonstrated in the first 5 races with the 2017 bike until his teammate hijacked bike development and made Yamaha forcefully switch both riders chassis which was when the downfall of Vinales began. Yamaha sabotaged their title worthy rider's season to help a glorified salesman's chances which was non existent after the first half of the season anyway. 

Then to rub salts into MV's wounds, Yamaha let their seasoned rider finish infront of the rookie who was 3rd in the championship run at Australia immediately ending any chance of Vinales's mathematical chance at it. 

Zarco never ceases to astonish me, both on and off the racing track. In stating that he will not have his racing career hanging on the decision of another rider, he very diplomatically informed all the teams that he intends to keep his options opened.

I am impatiently waiting to see what châssis he will ride this season. There have been several modifications to the initial 2017 bike, and even a late upgraded pre 2018 season châssis. The smart money is on Zarco being actually able to do well on the 2017 bike, because of his alleged smooth riding style. At the same time, I remember what happened when VR46 changed for Ducati. It was expected that he would be able to make wonders happen, and it turned out that he was not going to change the tides that easily. I would not ignore that two top riders with different styles had a lot of difficulties with the 2017 bike. I am hoping that Zarco will continue to do well, but I would not ignore the difficult official M1 bike season.

That said, if someone of the redaction reads this, I think it is time to have some kind of Jonas Folger follow-up. He has gone totally off radar since his illness, and it would be only fair that we would be informed that he is doing well and actively preparing 2018. Zarco and him were two new shining stars in the MogoGP. Both good guys, and refreshing comrades in arms in Tech3. Impressive stuff!


I'd like to know about Folger too

From what I've heard Zarco will be a KTM Factory rider in 2019.

yes it is right, i heard contract already on the table but serious discuss will start in March or in mid season....

Let we see what will happen..

There are rumours about it; before he lands a contract with KTM, he will have to continue what he started in 2017. But this is the most plausible option, because, let us not kid ourselves. Even if Rossi retires, the Yamaha team will most likely favor Franco Morbidelli as a replacement, providing he does well on his rookie year. Another possibility, although far fetched, is Honda. Remember that Alberto Puig is going to be running operations at Honda Repsol, and, remember that he used to be Dani Pedrosa's manager, until they had a big fall out. I am aware that Repsol would always favor Spanish riders, but waiting for Mir, maybe there is a slight chance they could consider Zarco. You think?