Francesco Bagnaia is said to be close to an agreement to join MotoGP with Pramac Ducati for 2019. Since Bagnaia is a VR46 Moto2 rider and an obvious candidate should Valentino Rossi set up his own MotoGP team once he retires, would a Bagnaia-Ducati deal also suggest that Rossi plans to race on in 2019? - Gazzetta

Aprilia Race Director Romano Albesiano has suggested that Marc Marquez could win on any bike. Albesiano said “I think Marc would probably get some race wins with every bike, but that’s just a guess. A driver can handle a bike well or not. A name you can rely on in 2018? I just mentioned him." - Speed Week

Danilo Petrucci has revealed that money does not influence him to compete and that the hunger “goes beyond the salary”. Petrucci said “I earn 50 times less than Jorge Lorenzo, money does not make you happier. There are 23 or 24 very good rides and we are all very hungry to win that goes beyond the salary they pay us, but I recognise that I have enjoyed defeating those who charge much more than me. I think ‘you earn more money than but tonight I’m happier because I left you behind.' - AS

Jorge Lorenzo has big plans for 2018, identifying that his goal is to be the best version of himself. Lorenzo said “I think that, at this moment, both team and bike are ready to win, so the goal is to continue growing to offer the best version of Jorge Lorenzo as always, if that happens, with the great bike that we will surely have, we will look to win many races." - Marca


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Yes Danillo, but the reason Jorge makes 50 times more than you is that he has "WON" 50 times more than your rationale...he is a lot happier than you...financially and passionately!!

Well, first of all it's Danilo, not Danillo.   Secondly, your achievements in life are not always counted in race wins.   While MM is an incredible rider, not everyone had the same chances and opportunities that he did.   Remember that MM has been on a World Championship GP bike since he was 15.  Petrucci never rode Moto3 or Moto2, he came up to MotoGP from European Superstock!  He then rode a CRT bike for a few years, which was really a second class.   This Pramac Ducati is his first 'proper' GP bike, although he was on an old model until 2017.  So 2017 was his first year on a current MotoGP bike, and what did he do?  Well, he finished many races ahead of a multiple world champion who was riding the same bike but in the factory team, and he only finished a few points behind him in the championship!     I don't know what you have achieved in life, but surely you can see how this would make him happy, regardless of what he has earned in the bank.

I'm sure Rossi will be riding in 2019, for Pata Yamaha. Seriously though when the time comes if he did spend a couple of years in WSBK it would give the series a serious shot in the arm. It needs it.

If Rossi goes to world superbikes on a Yamaha the ratio between bike and rider in measuring sucess will be apparent.

Valentino will carry on racing as long as he can be competitive . He doesn't need to win all the time but just be in with a chance. He has been around long enough to know that without a good machine, these days you don't stand a chance! Back in what I still call The Good Old Days, when bikes were just bikes and they relied on the skill of the rider, Valentino could utilise his immense talents to win races, but these days it's electronics that rule, so therefore, without a good bike under you you don't stand a cat in hells chance! I only hope that Yamaha can give Valentino a winning bike as I want to see him ride as long as he possibly can! MotoGP without Valentino will be hollow, lack lustre, lack everything that the man has brought to the sport and just not the same!!!


Also Valentino will not go to WSB but will stay in MotoGP with his own teams. What does he need to prove in WSB?

The only thing I would like to see is Valentino and Jonathan Rea in a race on competative bikes! That would be truly awesome stuff for me!