- Seven MotoGP race distances have been shortened after a consolation between MotoGP riders and the safety commission. The United States, Jerez, Le Mans, Barcelona, Brno, Misano and Valencia races have all been shortened. (La Gazzetta dello Sport)

- MotoGP launches the new FIM MotoE World Cup in Rome which will debut in 2019 with 18 riders on the grid (Crash.net)

- As MotoGP riders continue pre-season training after the Sepang test, Marc Marquez pulls off an incredible ‘fall or save?’ on a flat track bike (Marca)

- Former MotoGP rider Alex de Angelis has become Federico Fulgini’s rider coach and is aiming to become a rider instructor with a going rate of 500 euros per day (Speedweek)

- Milena Koerner explains how she went from grid girl to team manager at Forward Racing in Moto2 in light of Formula 1 dropping grid girls for 2018 (GPone.com)


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9 of the moto2 races and 7 of the moto3 races will also be shortened... Strange decision,  came out of nowhere? 

Yes, GARCIA.  Could do with some kind of explaination of what the benefits are to riders of making a race one lap shorter, as in Texas. What exactly are the issues? On the face of it, the paying trackside spectator is losing out, for sure. This has been requested to the Safety Commission, so is it that tired riders aren't so safe? What are the stats for crashes at the end of a race compared to the beginning? I would genuinely like to know the riders' concerns. Let's hope it's not a pay-off for adding extra rounds though.

Making space for MotoE might be a consideration.


Agreed, this seems curious without any forewarning.

Not related to heat exhaustion judging by the races named, so I too would be interested in hearing rider thoughts.

The typos on here are almost as bad as in MCN. Consolation instead of consultation, Untied instead of United! Someone on predictive text needs to wake up. Or don't you give a sh*t? Like MCN? Regarding the topic; I think the works Ducatis were marginal on fuel at some circuits.

The standards of MCN have plumetted over recent times.

Have you noticed that "Contents" used to be a part-column on page 3; but now the first 3 pages are nothing but "Contents" listings; the back page is also now nothing but "Contents" listings; and last weeks MCN had additional "Contents" listings at the top of 8 Pages, occupying 20% of each page;  and "MCN Local" has its own full page of "Contents".

That’s a total of 6.6 pages devoted solely to listing “Contents”.

Unbelievably, the largest feature of MCN is now “Contents”.

I have complained to them that we are being short-changed and I would encourage other readers to do the same.

MCN is taking us for mugs.

If you were to count up the pages of advertisements and add that to the 6.6 pages of contents, what would you be left with?


Don't really want to be bashing the venerable old MCN...but... I' ve just got to say that I've also complained to MCN - about how slow and limited their online MotoGP coverage is. We can sometimes be 24 hours into reaction, gossip, analysis and reader comments on sites like Crash while MCN is still just showing a basic results and a 'Marquez Wins Race' story. Forgive me if I'm wrong, but I'm sure that the recent Sepang test had been going on for two days before they posted anything at all - the latest MotoGP news was still supplied pictures of the Yamaha launch. I wonder if they still have the old mentality of not posting stuff so they can save it for the printed MCN. Certainly their online coverage improves each week once the paper has gone to press. However, Oli Rushby does a brilliant job on road racing and BSB and always seems to be first with the news and have lots of it. Like most of us here, I was brought up on MCN and only wish them well, but they need to up their digital game.

How has this factual comment got any negative responses? Are we now really so stupid as to be upset when somebody points out that we are being taken for a ride, and ripped off. I despair for us all

Coverage of MotoGP and Superbikes during the Summer by MCN is not too bad, but hardly worth the weekly cost of the publication. I was brought up when it had competition from Motor Cycle, and was spoiled by journalistic legends - Norrie Whyte and John Brown RIP both. With no competition now, they must feel they can put out whatever they want.. It's basically a Rossi fan mag. Kerrching! (Note this weeks Issue). Bet VR46 has it delivered! And you'd think they were Tony Blair's 'New Joo Labour' the way they are promoting personal finance contracts.