Ferrari team leader, Michael Schumacher has warned MotoGP ace Valentino Rossi that he could struggle to find that 'last little bit' of speed needed to be competitive, if he moves to F1.

Schumacher added that while the Italian went well in testing, ultimately it will be his decision if he decides to pursue a career on four-wheels.

"Rossi seemed to go pretty well in the tests he has been doing with us but then there is always the question mark: can you do the last little bit and that's always something you have to find out yourself after more experience in the car? I'm not sure he wants to do this or not. I believe even Ferrari would be happy to support him but then I guess it is in his hands if he wants it or not," said Schumacher.

"I think he has some experience in go-karts, if I'm correct, but nevertheless, I think as a race driver, you have this sensitivity, whether it's on two wheels or four wheels. If you go from two wheels to four wheels and we've seen this in the past, it has worked out and it needs somebody with a lot of talent and you can certainly say that Valentino has a lot of talent. In the tests that he was doing, he was consistently improving himself but he himself knows, in his sport, to do this last little bit, to be very competitive against everybody, that's the most difficult part and nobody knows if he can do it."

Ferrari number two driver, Felipe Massa meanwhile also reckons that such a move would not be easy.

"It is nice to see a driver coming from MotoGP but Formula One is very different," continued the Brazilian. "Everyone needs to gain experience in this sport and many of us started in karting when we were eight or 10 years old - he [Rossi] hasn't done that. He is undoubtedly a great talent but if he wants to come into F1 he need some experience, like doing a year as a test driver. But he needs to make those decisions."


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