Andrea Dovizioso has reflected on his best year in racing to date, and offered his opinion on why he attracted the support of a large number of MotoGP followers during his thrilling championship duel with Marc Marquez.

Thanks to an ever-increasing self-belief that carried him to six victories in Italy, Barcelona, Austria, England, Japan and Malaysia, the Italian pushed Marquez – seven years his junior – all the way to the final five laps in the season finale at Valencia.

Ultimately it was the disastrous 13th place at Phillip Island that cost him the world crown, but the Italian described his mood as “happy, proud” after the thrilling championship conclusion in Spain. Second overall was still his best championship finish in the premier class.

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And Dovizioso was touched by the support offered from not just fans through the autumn of the season, but all areas of the MotoGP community. He found old rivals willing him on, he said, while there was increased attention in his homeland after the breakthrough victory at Mugello.

Overall support stemmed from his “normal way” of conducting himself, he said. “I have different objective, goal in my life. I think people like this.”

“I feel that [general support] and I’m so proud about that. I’m so happy about that. Also in the paddock I saw so many people that I didn’t expect and a lot of rivals pushed for me. I’m so happy about this situation,” said the 31-year old.

“I’m the kind of guy – I’m trying to have a good relation with everybody if they don’t make some kind of point to me. I’m a relaxed person and I really like to have a good relation with the people, and especially the riders. This for sure helps.

“But I believe now in this world – not just in this world – but in the world, everybody try to be the best and the nicest, and the man that takes the most money, and takes the better car … I mean this is the style almost everybody tries to follow.

“I don’t follow that way so to be able to fight with the best riders in the world in a completely normal way – I live in a normal way even if I’m lucky to have money and to race in MotoGP, I have a different objective, goal in my life.

“I think this people like this. It looks like other people can fight for the world title, and this is true. So maybe this is the reason. And also because of the nice fights of this season,” he said, referencing the last-lap duels with Marquez in Austria and Japan.

Private, unassuming and a name whose private life rarely falls into the focus of the media’s glare, Dovizioso soon found his on-track feats were attracting added attention – especially in his native Italy.

Was this difficult to take onboard? “[The attention was] Much bigger,” he exclaimed. “I mean, from Mugello until now it change everything the support. Everything change a lot. But this is very positive for me because I take just what I want from that.

“Like I said before, I’m a normal person and I want to keep the same style. So now I have the chance to do different things but I don’t need, I don’t feel I need different things. I’m just proud I did the result and that’s it.

“I’m just happier because the people like me more. This is nice to feel that because I don’t do this in a ‘fashion’ way. [I do it] In a normal way. And this means it’s even nicer.”


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Dovi had a brilliant season and will be very strong come Qatar next year, can't wait! Genuine racer, clean, fast and this season raised a few eyebrows!! Go Dovi!!

It's easy to see how Dovi could be WC next season with a better season start, but already we're seeing the factory Yamahas working to return to their original form, the ever present Johann Zarco rising up and now too the factory Hondas all getting better equally.  It turns out not to be so easy a conclusion. 

I almost want to say, the chief rival next year will be Zarco.  He is so forceful in his hunger for victory and so talented a rider, it's blowing my mind.  Dovi's tasted victory as one of his favorite dishes now too.  No way he's going to be satisfied with anything less than fighting for the championship next year.

The competitive nature of 2018 may make 2017, as good as it was, look like just a prelude.  Oh yeah!

This time last year most were predicting a Marquez, Vinales fight. Dovi's form was a breath of fresh air and chalked one up for the good guys but the big two seem to be sorting their bikes so looks like Marc v Maverick again ? 

Long ago I drew attention to the fact that Dovi was the '5th Alien' ( many disagreed :) ) He has finished ahead of the top 4 'Aliens' on many occasions, and he has proved to be the 3rd 'Alien' in the Championship on occasion too.

This season he is of course the 2nd 'Alien'.

I, personally, don't like the term 'Alien' but if Dovi becomes the #1 'Alien' next year......I might grow to like it.

Have a good Xmas folks...and hope you all get the Lego or Train Set that you asked for.

Not sure if it was Elias or Edwards that handily described the top four as Aliens, growing up Marquez must have constantly heard of the unbeatable quartet but soon blew that notion out of the water in his rookie season. Haven't heard any real negativity about Dovi's brilliant season, you were right. Train set please Santa.

The four Aliens were  Rossi, Lorenzo, Stoner and Pedrosa. The only four riders to win dry races in the 800cc era. Spies did win one race but was never an Alien. The term Alien came from Randy DePuniet.

RDP? Or maybe Colin Edwards, stories vary.

Festive greetings Codger. I'm asking for a new lawnmower. Nobody here talkin' 'bout Lorenzo is inarestin'. 

Nicest guy in motogp and now the second best rider over a season. Wouldnt b surprised if he won the championship next year. Quite agree Codger, the term alien is pretty awful whoever coined it. 

Oh I almost forgot, Scalextric set for me. Last one I had was a shark nosed Ferrari and a green Cooper of some descrpition. One had a slightly quicker electric motor than the other. Swapped them over of course as most friends always chose the Ferrari. Funny how theres a series for electric cars. Who,d have known.