MotoGP World Championship leader Casey Stoner doubts Monday's post-race test in Catalunya will result in any significant changes at the front of the 2009 field.

"Whether we have a test on Monday or not is exactly the same for all the manufacturers," said the Ducati star, who won his second race of the season last time out at Mugello. "It's going to be quite good for us to try and figure out a few things, but I think everybody is trying to figure out things as we go during the practice sessions.

"Maybe Monday will help us with what we try, but maybe it might help the others as well. We'll all probably end up in the same situation after the test."

Unlike in previous years, Monday will be one of only two days of testing allowed during the 2009 season, a decision Stoner fully agrees with.

"In the past there were so many tests. You could do too many laps, get lost, make mistakes or have too many parts to throw at the bikes," he said. "Things end up confusing and people go back to what they had before.

"I think having only a couple of days of testing during the season is brilliant. I think it's fine. It's like the single tyre rule; everybody is in the same position."

The second and final test will be held after Brno in mid-August.

Stoner, who won at Barcelona during his 2007 title-winning season and was third last season, expects a close race on Sunday.

"Part of the charm of this place is trying to get the tyre hooked up and that's also why there is a lot of close racing, because there are a lot of different lines you can take," he said of the Circuit de Catalunya. "It's not a one line circuit."