Despite Gabor Talmacsi's sudden arrival, and a broken finger, Yuki Takahashi will continue to ride alongside the Hungarian in this weekend's Dutch TT at Assen.

Talmacsi's financially-powered promotion to the premier-class from Barcelona onwards was initially rumoured to mean that Takahashi would soon be without a ride.

However, Team Scot insisted that its intention was to keep both riders and that it would try and secure the necessary extra bikes from Honda.

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Those haven't yet materialised, and both riders will therefore be in serious trouble if a flag-to-flag race occurs this Saturday, but it seems unlikely that Honda will allow the only Japanese rider on the grid to disappear for purely financial reasons and Takahashi is looking forward to his Dutch MotoGP debut.

"I never liked Assen too much when I was a 250 rider. But I didn't used to like Barcelona either on a 250, but I have to say that all tracks are different on a MotoGP bike, and this year I've enjoyed tracks I didn't used to like so much," he said.

"My finger injury stopped me from taking part in the post-race tests at Catalunya but this is not going to affect my performance. We tried some new solutions during the race weekend, so I could express my opinion to the team, so we know what we want."

Talmacsi had a baptism of fire at Catalunya, throwing a leg over a MotoGP bike for the very first time in the opening practice session.

Initially overawed by the 200-plus horsepower machine, the former 125 world champion was getting up to speed by the end of the weekend and went even faster during the post-race tests.

The diminutive Hungarian made crucial machine adjustments during the tests, like moving his seating position forward, and loves Assen - winning the 2005 and 2008 Dutch 125 TTs.

"Assen is a circuit I like very much. I'm satisfied with my performance at the GP of Catalunya, and with the job done at the test, the following Monday," he said. "Everything is new, for me. But if I continue to progress as I did, I'm confident I can do well in MotoGP.

"When I first tested the RC212V, I immediately realised it was something totally different from what I used to ride. Sometime I practice with a tuned CBR1000RR, but there is no comparison.

"I have to say that at the very beginning I was a little scared. But it's been exciting from the first moment. Having tasted a MotoGP bike, I'll never be back to 250. It's great!"