The Grand Prix Commission has announced that each MotoGP rider will continue to have a spare bike available next season, that the practice schedule will remain the same and that Dunlop will be the exclusive tyre supplier for the new Moto2 championship.

Forcing all MotoGP riders to have only one bike from next season had been considered in order to reduce costs and, theoretically, allow more bikes on the grid.

However, a spare bike is essential for flag-to-flag races, when riders switch between dry and wet bikes as needed. The loss of a back-up machine would also have meant, for example, that Jorge Lorenzo would have been unable to start the Italian Grand Prix, after falling on the way to the grid.

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Track time at each grand prix has been reduced by one hour this year by the removal of the first free practice session. This was also done to reduce running costs and the practice format (three one-hour sessions) will be unchanged in 2010.

Meanwhile, the new Moto2 World Championship, which will feature 600cc machines powered by identical Honda engines housed within different chassis designs, has been confirmed as a single tyre championship.

"After consultation with various tyre manufacturers, Dunlop has been chosen as the single tyre supplier for 3 years," said an FIM statement.

Wheel sizes will be limited to 3.75" X 17" (front) and 6.00" X 17" (rear).

Dunlop supplies all of the present 250GP field.