FTR Moto will continue its strides towards the inaugural 2010 Moto2 season by competing in the penultimate round of the CEV Bucker Spanish Championship at Jerez this weekend.

FTR have been one of the more prolific Moto2 contenders during development this season, racing with the M209 prototype in the same series at Barcelona last month and showing competitive pace.

Now the team will return to action at Jerez, this time with British Superbike rider Graeme Gowland at the helm.

A return to the Joe Darcey-run team for Gowland, having competed with them in the Spanish Supersport Championship in 2007, he was excited about the opportunity to ride the M209.

"The FTR machine is very special," said Gowland. "And the technicians at FTR have been busy producing new development parts since the Albacete test so I can't wait to get going at Jerez."

"When I tested at Albacete it was like going home. Miguel and Anton and the guys at Joe Darcey know exactly what they're doing when they prepare a race bike and the FTR Moto2 machine is armed with one of their supersport motors so I have all that's required to get a good result at Jerez."

"We've now got a wide range of geometry options with the FTR chassis and the machine has adjustment everywhere so I'm pretty hopeful we can get it dialled into the Jerez track and get a decent result on Sunday."