When Jorge Lorenzo suffered a near highside in the early stages of the Valencia MotoGP season finale, the violent movement prompted his Dainese airbag system within his leathers to inflate - even though he kept control.

After the race Lorenzo mentioned that he had been distracted by the airbag, but a post-race analysis by Dainese found that the airbag had deployed and deflated exactly as it should have - and that Lorenzo had only lost 0.6-0.7sec in the incident.

Unlike at Brno, when the airbag remained inflated long after Lorenzo had fallen, this time it deflated as planned within 20 seconds of being deployed - allowing the Fiat Yamaha rider to race on to third place.

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Turning to whether the airbag should have been deployed in the first place, Dainese insists it was right to inflate - even though the airbag 'trigger point' was exceeded by less than 1% - saying that the yaw of Lorenzo's bike was 'sharp and abrupt' and that it was only the Spaniard's 'enormous talent' that stopped an accident occurring.

When presented with the data, Lorenzo stated that he was 'more willing than ever' to continue developing the airbag system.