Legendary multiple MotoGP World Champion Valentino Rossi has revealed his vision for the future of the sport, contending that limits need to be imposed so that the focus of the competition returns to the best rider once more rather than simply who has the best bike at his disposal.

Rossi has already been outspoken and unequivocal in describing the reduction in engine capacity from 990cc to 800cc in 2007 as 'the biggest mistake the world championship has made in the last 15 years' [see separate story - click here], contending that the bikes are now less fun to ride and less spectacular for the fans as the dependency upon electronic gizmos has gone through the roof.

Now, the Urbino native - who has achieved title glory with every engine size and every regulations package in recent memory, in 125cc, 250cc, 500cc, 800cc and 990cc - argues that the onus needs to be placed back upon the skill of the rider rather than the quality of the equipment beneath him, and as such has come out in support of the proposed 1,000cc, four-cylinder route the series is evaluating for 2012 and beyond [see separate story - click here].

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"I would return MotoGP to 1,000cc and I would remove 70 per cent of the electronics," the Yamaha star opined in an interview with Italian TV chain Rai Sport. "That's a fair reduction, I'd say.

"Unfortunately, for motorised sports it's difficult; until recently there weren't many rules and everyone pushed to the maximum. We need to impose limits, but in an intelligent fashion."