Dorna CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta is confident an 'ideal number of 22 riders' will be on the MotoGP grid in 2012 as a result of the revised regulations that will see the maximum engine capacity increase to 1000cc.

Speaking at the annual Wrooom event in Italy this week, Ezpeleta gave his views on the decision to change the regulations in two years time, adding that further details will be discussed once testing gets underway next month.

The decision to change the maximum engine capacity has been well received, with bosses hailing it as a 'new era' intended to spice up the racing and possibly entice new manufacturers to enter.

Indeed, Ezpeleta has high hopes the dwindling grid numbers, which dropped as low as 17 by the end of the season, will receive a boost from the regulations, even if he insists Dorna won't specifically target any one company.

"We will not and have never tried to convince anyone to come and compete," he said. "They should be interested in coming themselves. We speak with everybody from all around the world, but never send anybody to convince a manufacturer to come and compete in our Championship."

Ezpeleta also hinted the regulations could be brought forward to 2011, but maintained it would take unanimous agreement from the teams for that to happen.

"At the moment we are not contemplating bringing it forward, but if the manufacturers ask for it altogether, we can evaluate it."

Turning his attentions to Moto2, Ezpeleta says the replacement for the 250cc class is well on course to reach its planned entry of 39 riders. However, he adds there are no immediate plans to overhaul the 125cc category in a similar way.

"We will see," he added. "For the moment the category is in good shape, so if it continues in its role of introducing new riders from around the world, this is good. If that changes, we will talk to all those involved - as we always do - and seek a solution."


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