Marco Simoncelli and Hiroshi Aoyama, the last two riders to win the 250cc World Championship, are both sad to see the two-stroke class go - but curious about the new Moto2 format.

"I like 250 because I have always ridden with a two-stroke since I started racing at five years old. So for 23 years I was racing with two-strokes. I love two-strokes!" Aoyama told

"It is a pity we will not have 250 any more, but I also think the new Moto2 category will be very interesting because the engine is the same for everybody and you can change the chassis as you like."

The 2009 world champion then revealed that he came close to racing in the new class himself, before securing a MotoGP seat with Interwetten Honda.

"In the middle of last season I had the possibility to go to Moto2 and I was interested in doing that," said the Japanese.

2008 world champion Simoncelli, who is also moving to MotoGP, has greater doubts.

The Italian believes the 250 is a 'better bike' and is not yet convinced that the new 600cc four-stroke class will turn out to be cheaper.

"I prefer the two-stroke and for me the 250 is a better bike for the rider," he told "I don't know if Moto2 will cost less or not, but for a rider the 250 is better for sure."