Following the news that Yamaha team-mates and title rivals Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo will no longer share data during a grand prix weekend, Honda has revealed that its factory riders haven't been exchanging information since 2008.

Kazuhiko Yamano (pictured), formerly Repsol Honda team manager and now team director, revealed the existence of the policy during a Friday morning press meeting here at Sepang in Malaysia, venue for this week's MotoGP test.

"This year there are some small changes to the Repsol Honda team structure. I am now the team director and both Dani and Dovi have their own separate team managers, like at Yamaha," began Yamano.

The mention of Yamaha prompted the question of how much data will be shared between the Repsol riders.

"So, at Repsol Honda, since 2008, data has been separate in the pit garage," Yamano revealed. "But development side the data is still shared. Yamaha is starting [to do this] this year [but] we started in 2008."

Pedrosa was still riding alongside Nicky Hayden at Repsol Honda during the 2008 season. Dovizioso then replaced the American for 2009.

Despite the technical 'firewall' between the Repsol riders, Yamano insisted that communication is not a problem.

"Outside it might look like a wall [divides the team], but inside Dani and Dovi and me discuss things all together.

"And this year there will be more discussions like that between us. It will be more open.

"I'll take photos so everyone can see!" he joked.