The new technical specifications that will come into effect for the MotoGP class from 2012 have been further outlined by the Grand Prix Commission today following a meeting in Barcelona.

Last month it was announced that the maximum engine capacity for MotoGP will return to 1,000cc in two years time.

Furthermore while it was already known that the maximum number of cylinders will be four and the maximum bore 81mm, it is now also know that the minimum weight for bikes up to 800cc will be 150kg, while those over 800cc must be at least 153kg.

The fuel tank capacity was also confirmed - at 21 litres - and riders will be restricted to six engines per season.

However, privateers - 'Claiming Rule Teams (CRT's)' - will be allowed 12 engines per year and a fuel capacity of 24 litres. Further clarification is due to be published by the GPC at the end of May.

Meanwhile, some modifications were also confirmed for this year, including the elimination of tyre pressure sensors for MotoGP and for Moto2 teams the full procedure to request an engine change if that unit is considered substandard.

The complete statement from the Grand Prix Commission can be seen by CLICKING HERE.