Highly-rated young British hope Bradley Smith has admitted that his sights are set on a future in the brand new Moto2 Championship in 2011, but in order to get there, he is well aware, he will need to have a good final season in 125cc in 2010 - and he stresses that he is '150 per cent' committed to doing just that.

Preparing now to enter his fifth campaign at international level - and still at only 19 years of age - Smith knows there is only one way to improve upon the runner-up laurels he clinched last year, and he is confident that he is both physically and mentally stronger than he has ever been.

As he endeavours to keep his impressive progress to-date firmly on-track and become the first British rider since Barry Sheene a full 33 years ago to lift the world championship laurels, the Bancaja Aspar Aprilia star is palpably revved up for the fight that lies ahead - but equally keeping his feet well-and-truly screwed to the ground and adopting a calm and measured approach as he embarks upon what is inarguably the most important season of his fledgling career thus far.

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"I think we've got to look into Moto2," Smith told Crash.net Radio, when asked about his plans beyond 2010. "It's definitely the way to go and the class that everyone is looking at, especially the MotoGP teams who are looking for the next riders to come through. It's my natural progression to go from 125cc to Moto2 and build myself up that way - but that means I've got to have a good season and make sure I'm solid, putting in good performances and right there in the eye of [potential future employers].

"It's a very exciting time with a new class like Moto2, and it will just be a case of putting it all together and making sure I'm in the spotlight for the top teams and keeping my eye on who are the top teams. Moto2 will have to shake itself out this season; there will be a few teething problems I'm sure, but that's the same with anything new. Whatever happens, it was for the best, it's going to produce some cracking racing and I'm sure everyone is going to love it.

"Obviously, having the world championship card in your pocket opens a lot of doors, regardless of where you decide to go. 'MotoGP 125cc World Champion Bradley Smith' would have a fantastic ring to it and would be something absolutely amazing, but I can't take my sights off the fact that that's 17 races and nine months away. There's a lot of racing to do, a lot of preparation and a lot of focus between now and then - but be assured, I'll be there 150 per cent!"