Alex Criville, who became Spain's first and so far only premier-class world champion in 1999, launched his autobiography on the eve of the 2010 Spanish Grand Prix at Jerez.

Titled "Una vida sobre ruedas" (A life on wheels) and published by Plataforma Editorial, Criville reviews his days as a rider and the years that have passed since he parked up his bike.

"This book has, speaking in motorcycling jargon, a good set up," said Alex. "In it, I wanted to express everything that happened during my racing years, looking at it now from a distance, with the passing of time.

"This is a special book because it arrives at a very important time in my personal and professional life: ten years have passed since I won the 500cc title and this is the perfect time.

"Previously, when I was crowned world champion, we published a biography accompanied by lots of photos and that was a nice experience. But this book was written steadily, with time to reflect and think carefully about everything that happened then.

"It is a very real book - everything I write is true - but I have done it with the utmost respect, avoiding tricky subjects. I hope that everyone who reads it enjoys the closeness with which I tell my experiences."