Jorge Lorenzo insists MotoGP is not only more spectacular than the lower 125 and Moto2 classes, but the most exciting sport in the world.

With just 16 riders on the MotoGP grid in Mugello and the same for this weekend in Silverstone, following Valentino Rossi's leg-breaking fall, there have been questions raised both within the sport and by paying fans about the excitement levels of the elite category.

The revised Moto2 format has 41 riders on the grid and has been packed full of action, with countless overtaking throughout the field, as well as numerous crashes.

Scott Redding said at the AirAsia Media Event held at Lords Cricket Ground on Wednesday, that it will be "crazy" to see 41 bikes on the new fast, flowing circuit in Northamptonshire.

The 125 category has also been extremely lively, as you would expect with so many eager and enthusiastic youngsters, once again with around 32 riders on the grid.

But title leader Lorenzo dismissed suggestions for more riders in the MotoGP category, firmly stating that he believed, "MotoGP is still the most exciting sport in the world!"

However, 125cc rider Bradley Smith had different thoughts on the subject.

"Unfortunately what happens in MotoGP," he sighed. "Is the technology is able to run so open and free, that you're always going to have some races that the Yamaha will work on some tracks and the Honda will work better on the others.

"Unfortunately unless they cap it, within particular parameters, it's always going to be like it is. When the bikes are as close as they are with the current electronic packages, you are talking about 0.1, 0.2 of a second, every single lap, it's impossible to fight.

"That's why we see such great races between Valentino Rossi and Lorenzo. But you will never really see a great race between Valentino and Dani Pedrosa [as he's on the Honda].

"Ok we saw the good race in Laguna Seca in 2008, [Rossi against Stoner] but that was because Rossi was riding tactically to keep Casey and his Ducati behind him. Casey had half a second on Valentino, but if Casey hadn't have passed him, he would have gone and left him and that would have been the end of the race.

"I think that's the situation it is at the moment. It would be nice to spruce it up a bit. However, that would take Dorna to sit down and make new regulations to put their authority across, rather than letting the manufacturers run the show."

By Leandra Graves