Rizla Suzuki's abysmal start to the 2010 MotoGP World Championship reached another low at Silverstone after missing the top ten in a race of only 15 competitors.

Neither Bautista nor Loris Capirossi have finished higher than ninth this season, a dismal run of form that now sees the pair rooted to the bottom of the rider standings.

Qualifying on the back row of the grid, the pair were embroiled in the fight for a tenth place finish, but Capirossi would drop the bike after getting his braking wrong at Copse, while Bautista would fade back to 12th as his shoulder injury got the better of him.

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A particularly disappointing result for Capirossi, who has fallen in three of the five races so far, while rumours are brewing to suggest the experienced Italian is a seeking a way out of his Suzuki contract, he insists he is looking forward.

"I think that the whole weekend has been very tough for us, but today we did have better conditions and it gave me a better feeling on the bike. My start was not too bad, but I still couldn't ride as hard as I wanted and with seven laps to go I lost the front during braking, so I had to let off the brakes and I was going into the corner too fast and I crashed in the gravel.

"It has been a bad weekend because we just couldn't find what we were looking for to make us go quicker and get the grip we wanted. I feel so sorry for the whole team and for all the people that came to support us because we just didn't give a very good show at our home race. Sometimes races are like this and you have to just keep going till it gets better!"

Team manager Paul Denning, meanwhile, has called out on Suzuki to help improve the team's form.

"It's been a really difficult weekend and it would have been unrealistic to expect things to change drastically for the race. Having said that, both the guys pushed as hard as they dared and at least we were in the group fighting for 10th place - which was better than practice or qualifying.

"The slightly warmer temperatures helped us a little bit, but it meant that the practice from the rest of the weekend was meaningless and for the riders it almost felt like the first decent run of the weekend.

"Thanks to all our sponsors and partners for all their support over the weekend and we'll be pushing Suzuki to deliver the improvements we need, as soon as possible!"