Championship leader Toni El?as has revealed his fears about the safety of the inaugural Moto2 category, suggesting that until something is done to remedy it, the risk and danger element is unacceptably high.

The first competitor in the all-new class to win two races in 2010, the Gresini Racing star and MotoGP exile argues that two key changes are necessary. The first would be to implement three-bikes-per-row grids like in the premier class, rather than having four on each row - a throwback to the preceding 250cc format and meaning, El?as contends, that too many riders arrive into the first corner at the same time.

The second alteration the Spaniard would like to see is an increase in horsepower, as he argues the lack of engine performance has equalised the field out too much and punishes better riders capable of handling it by enabling their less-experienced counterparts to keep pace with them.

The upshot is that the latter are able to compete on raw speed, but not in terms of racecraft - leading to situations where less-experienced riders find themselves out-of-their-depth in terms of who they are going wheel-to-wheel against.

"With four [bikes per row] there is not so much space, and many riders are in the first corner together," the former MotoGP race-winner explained, according to Visordown. "The engine is also very slow, very, very slow, much more than I thought. It means everybody can be fast.

"I think it is necessary for more power to see the difference between good riders, normal riders and bad riders. Now everybody is fast. It is good for the championship, the fans, the TV, but not good for the riders, because this situation puts you on the limit always."


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