Sunday's Spanish Moto2 race came to a shocking conclusion when Kenny Noyes and Carmelo Morales touched wheels on the flat-out charge to the finish line.

Moments earlier, Noyes had snatched seventh place from Morales on entry to the final turn, in a move made famous by Valentino Rossi in the 2009 MotoGP race.

The American thus emerged just in front of Pons stand-in Morales, who then attempted to regain the position by pulling out of the slipstream within sight of the flag.

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But the Spaniard clipped Noyes' rear wheel, sending Morales into an enormous accident that saw his motorcycle cart-wheeling around the fallen rider and bouncing high off the fence in front of the home grandstand.

Amazingly, Morales escaped with bruising and was later able to joke about the incident with Noyes, whom he raced with in the Spanish Championship.

"We swapped the lead three times [on the last lap] and that left me with only the final corner where I saw Rossi make that pass on Lorenzo last year," said Noyes, who was being cheered on by team sponsor Antonio Banderas.

"So I threw it in there on the inside, pushed the front but hung on and once I was on the straight I was sure he couldn't get back by.

"I felt something and when I looked back after I crossed the line I didn't understand what had happened," he said of the crash. "As soon as I found out I went to the clinic and Carmelo and I ended up laughing about it."