Alvaro Bautista is confident his breakthrough result of fifth position in the Catalunya Grand Prix will spur him onto further good fortune heading to this weekend's German Grand Prix.

Bautista produced a convincing performance on home soil aboard the Rizla Suzuki, qualifying ninth before rising to fifth position in the race as he out paced the likes of Ben Spies and team-mate Loris Capirossi.

A better result than his 250GP graduates Marco Simoncelli and Hector Barbera have achieved this season, Bautista is now determined to prove the result isn't a fluke.

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"The last race was the first time I have felt like I could ride the bike how I wanted to. I feel stronger now and I'm sure I will be 100% when we get to Germany. It is a quite a difficult track, but I have had a couple of good results there on a 250 so I hope that will help me on the MotoGP bike.

"We know we still have a lot of work to do, but as usual we will be working as hard as possible to get the bike right and trying for a good result."

Although overshadowed by Bautista, seventh position for Capirossi in Spain was also his best finish of the season, the Italian claiming he can go higher at the Sachsenring.

"We must continue to work how we did at Barcelona and find the best solution for the bike. We know that the bike can perform well and we need to keep the positions we got at Barcelona, this is where we should be and at some races we can be even higher.

"The team is still so focused and we know what we have to do. I think we can go well in Germany and the GSV-R will work there and we'll get a good result."


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@ justwatching & nebar1
Thank you guys.

Apologies to RawDawg as well, but I was so angry to read these legendary dispute between Spies Haters/Lovers right here. I'm a Bautista fan indeed & very happy for his great result last week, so it must be nothing but Alvaro! :)

Now, I've got just one advice to all Spies fans: Trust me, without any doubt, everyone knows that he's a very good rider. His rookie year's more than decent.
You certainly don't need to jump on every troll, they just wanna p1ss you off! so if you're a bit smart, don't feed them anymore!

You guys have to know that some of us, Moto gp &/or Superbikes fans, are really tired to be taken as hostages with this wicked little game

Ok, it'll be my last post, coz I'm sick to argue with some psychotic guys.

Firsty, I never tried to say that Bautista was faster than Spies, NEVER!

Secondly, I never said a bad word about Ben Spies, he's imho the fastest rookie in mgp category, that's obvious!

Thirdly, Bautista thanks to his great behavior & his marvellous riding skills, has now some partisans & I'm one of them.

So Spies haters & Fanboys could you BOTH go away & please, let us rooting for Alvaro in peace!

RawDawg you're even more stupid than I expected,
So anywhere a troll's fishing, you gonna mix up with him? It's in the Bautista news today, F1 tommorow & in Baseball news next week perhaps?
You prefer agree with a Bautista basher like Aeolus than to have a bit of respect for Alvaro & his fans. You act like a spoilt kid.
Now, You've made your choice, So stop saying you're an unbiased race fan, you're just another crazy fanboy.

Only thing am I asking is to leave Alvaro's alone, & let the Spies haters fishing, they won't stop until you understand they're having with you! :rolleyes:

I see your comment is for me RawDawg, so where did you see I was badmouthing Spies? Tell me!

Dude, Stop acting like a mongoloid & accept that's a complete joke to jump on everyone saying a word on Ben Spies! even bads.
No one here is perfect even Ben Spies, so let the troll fishing For Christ's sake!

Now If you can't understand that, here, it's NOT the right place AT ALL for arguing about Ben Spies, Firstly it's an unsportmanlike behavior about Bautista & his Fans(Spies-haters are excluded) & secondly it would mean that you badly deserve a Psychiatric Consultation!

Now tell me once again on my post where was I bashing Ben Spies?

Leave the place if you can't behave, Do you get it?

What a shame, I'm really & sincerly sad for Ben Spies. He deserves better, way better than this kind of disrespectful fans. Sacrilege! :rolleyes:

Sure KTMKEN & Aeolus!
Tell me where do you clearly see even one word about Ben Spies or even Yamaha in that news? That's nothing but a lack of respect for Alvaro & his fans!

Indeed, you're THE TROLLING MACHINES here guys
You're even worse than a pandemic Ebola virus ffs!

About the Spies Fanboys & mostly the #1 Mr Rawdawg

Just write some words (even unbiased's) about Spies & you'll see the stalkers bunch will jump on you quicker than a beer turns to p1ss!

pathetic? assuredly!