Moto2 star Julian Simon is recovering after surgery to repair his fractured right tibia and fibula, sustained in last Sunday's Catalan Grand Prix.

The Aspar Suter rider was flipped into a highside by contact from Kenan Sofuoglu in an incident that was/is to be reviewed by Race Direction at Silverstone today (Thursday).

Simon will not be present due to his injuries, which proved worse than initially thought.

"This is one of the most complicated fractures I have ever treated," said Dr Angel Villamor. "The tibia was broken into countless pieces of bone. At certain points we even had to custom make titanium plates right there on the operating table.

"Even though we initially considered the possibility of Juli?n been able to come back at the end of the month, in Holland, we don't think he'll be ready until mid-July, around the Germany race, although we'll have to see how his recovery goes.

"As far as the fibula fracture is concerned it was quite clean and it hasn't caused any problems, although the recovery of both bones will be important. Plasma and papilla has being applied to help it fuse quickly."

Simon, who was visited in hospital by team manager Jorge Martinez 'Aspar' on Tuesday, insists he is in 'good spirits'.

"Everything went well with the operation yesterday," said the former 125cc world champion. "I had a CAT scan in the morning to evaluate the extent of the injury and rule out any problems. The operation was a success, they tell me it lasted around three hours. I am really happy with the treatment I have been given at Hospital San Jos?, especially from Dr. ?ngel Villamor.

"Last night was the toughest night so far because in the middle of the night my leg started to swell up. I had a tight dressing on it and thankfully they removed it this morning so I'm able to move my leg around. Now I can lift my leg on my own and I have mobility in my ankle and toes.

"I can see myself back on a bike very soon. I am in good spirits because everything has gone perfectly well so far. Tomorrow I will start with rehab to try and get even more movement in the leg.

"I still have drainage on the wound but I'm sure that will be removed by the end of the day. I have seen the scar and it looks spectacular. It's on the same leg as another big scar from when I broke my femur so the poor thing is a bit delicate - I'll have to look after it."

Simon was second in the world championship at the time of his accident.


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