Moto2 rookie Bradley Smith believes a British-based motorcycle grand prix project, exploiting the country's F1 knowledgebase, could succeed.

Unlike most Moto2 teams - which lease a motorcycle from an independent manufacturer - Smith's Tech 3 team designs, builds and races its own chassis in Moto2 (for which Honda is the official engine supplier).

That approach is echoed on a much greater scale in F1, where huge teams - with hundreds of employees - design, manufacture and race in motorsport's most glamorous championship.

Smith believes the F1 know-how should be tapped into by two-wheel teams.

"As an industry we can definitely learn a lot from them and with so many F1 teams here I'm surprised that we haven't," Smith told BBC Oxford's Blood, Sweat and Tyres programme.

"It's a project to maybe look into over the next few years, to visit an F1 team and get some help and some direction.

"With the machines and equipment we have here there's nothing to say we can't build a championship-winning bike."

Despite the exit of independent British-based MotoGP entries from WCM, Team Roberts and Ilmor in recent years, Smith - who took his third podium in a row at Mugello on Sunday - thinks the rumoured Norton project will be the catalyst for change.

"It's starting to change now that we've gone to four strokes as a sport, it gives British companies the chance to specialise," he said.

"Things will also start to change with the introduction of the Norton MotoGP Project in 2012, having a British-based company with a British-backed bike is exciting and great for two-wheeled racing.

"So we've already got the infrastructure over here, it just needs a bit more development and in a few more years things will start to look really good."