Five time 500cc world champion Mick Doohan tested a V8 Supercar at Queensland Raceway, Australia, today (Thursday).

After first taking a passenger ride alongside reigning V8 Supercar Champion James Courtney, Doohan jumped behind the wheel of the Toll Holden and completed 15 laps in two stints of the 3.1km circuit.

"The opportunity to have a run in one of the Toll Holden Racing Team Commodores was great, it was a lot of fun but after a few laps I think I'm a fair way from going racing again," Doohan said.

"I'd only had a small opportunity a few years ago to drive one of these cars and it was the first time I'd ever been around this circuit, so it was good to do a couple of laps with James and see what he was doing.

"I was looking at his hands and feet, trying to work off him as much as I could - James is a quality driver no doubt about that."

While quick to dismiss any chance of racing a V8 Supercar, Doohan said he would jump at the opportunity to test one again.

"I had a great time today and would enjoy driving the car again if given the chance."

Courtney said he felt privileged to have taken Doohan for a ride, and was then impressed with how quickly he adapted.

"Mick came for a ride with me first and it was an honour for me to be able to take him around and show him what we can do - to have a guy of his calibre listening to me is pretty cool," Courtney said.

"He clearly listened to everything I had to tell him about the car and circuit, he went out there and was straight on it which surprised everyone.

"He was pushing the car and hitting the braking marks. It showed that regardless of two wheels or four Mick's pretty impressive - I think he did a great job."

While happy to vacate the seat of his V8 Supercar, Courtney said he wouldn't be quite as keen given an opportunity to ride one of the machines which Doohan claimed his five world titles on.

"I struggle with four wheels, let alone two, so there's absolutely no way I'd ever ride a Grand Prix bike. I'd get on the back of a bike with Mick, but as far as riding a GP bike myself...NO!"

Australian Doohan won his five consecutive world championships from 1994-1998, with Honda, before being forced to retire after a huge accident at Jerez the following year.

Countryman and triple World Superbike champion Troy Bayliss briefly flirted with V8 Supercar racing after his two-wheel retirement at the end of 2008.