Bridgestone has responded to rider feedback following a series of cold-tyre crashes and proposed two changes to the tyre allocation process for the MotoGP World Championship.

The changes, due to come into effect from the Czech Republic Grand Prix in mid-August, will see each rider receive an increased number of front slick tyres and a revised rear slick allocation.

The previous regulations permitted two compound options of front and rear slicks and eight front and ten rear slick tyres, per rider, per weekend.

Now, from Brno onwards, Bridgestone will prepare three compound options of front slick tyre per race and provide each rider with nine front tyres each weekend.

Ten rear slick tyres will still be available in two compound options per weekend, but riders can now choose more of the tyre option they prefer, up to a maximum of six of one compound option and four of the other.

"We have spent a great deal of time speaking personally with riders, especially in recent months, and the raft of changes that we have proposed are in direct response to their feedback and comments, specifically relating to the warm-up performance of our tyres in the cooler morning sessions," explained Bridgestone's Motorsport Tyre Development assistant director Hirohide Hamashima.

"It is important to note that all riders are very complimentary about the race-distance performance of our tyres, and that a number of lap records have been set in the last year on them, including today here in Germany, which indicate that outright performance is very good.

"However, we realise the need to focus more on the area of warm-up performance, and whilst we continue our development of a new family of tyres for next year which feature a softer construction, these changes that come into effect from Brno are our best effort at reacting as quickly as we can, and in a way satisfactory to all parties, mid-way through the season.

"The riders have agreed with our proposal so I am confident that the changes will provide them with what they've been asking for in terms of a greater number of softer specification tyres each weekend."

Bridgestone Motorsport manager Hiroshi Yamada felt the reintroduction of Friday morning practice had contributed significantly to the cold-tyre crashes.

"The introduction of FP1 on Friday morning this year changed the situation for us because conditions are never ideal on Friday morning and this is when we have seen most of the crashes," he stated.

"Nevertheless, we take rider safety very seriously and of course we are sorry to have seen the crashes that we have this year and want to avoid such unnecessary occurrences."


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