Yamaha's annual MotoGP technical presentation, at Valencia on Friday evening, was especially significant since 2011 is the final year of the 800cc formula.

Yamaha revealed that during the five-years of 800cc racing, the M1's engine power has increased by 16%, torque by 12% and top speed (at Qatar) by 20km/h.

This is despite the introduction of engine change limits, which resulted in engine durability increasing from 600km in 2007 to 2400km for the 2010/11 seasons.

Yamaha stated that the increased durability has cut development costs by a quarter.

Fuel consumption has also been improved by 8% relative to the start of the 800cc era.

Among the conclusions at the end of the technical presentation were that:

"The lap time of the 800cc has finally reached the 990cc bike because of:
* An increase in engine power year by year.
* Progress of the engine control system.
* Tyre development.

"The regulations governing engine limitations has had a great effect in reducing development cost. This has allowed the provision of bikes to the satellite [Tech 3] team at reasonable cost."

Yamaha won three of the five 800cc world championships - two with Valentino Rossi and one with Jorge Lorenzo - and has claimed 39 victories in 88 races.

MotoGP will change to 1000cc engines, with new bore/stroke limits, for 2012.