By Lisa Crouch

Repsol Honda rider Dani Pedrosa has entered the CRT debate after being asked his views on the subject during an interview for Spanish news site

Commenting on the new 1000cc production-based bikes the number 26 said: "The whole package is inferior to that of the current MotoGPs, not just the motor but the components such as tyres, brakes, suspension are all worse. The CRTs will field riders, with exceptions such as Edwards and de Puniet , with very little experience."

The Spaniard did show some positivity towards the changes, adding "I think that the differences in 2012 on times will be considerable, but you have to believe in the category: Moto2 was a good change, Moto3 looks promising, it may be the same for the CRTs."

But when it came to the possibility of having to ride a CRT-type bike in 2013, when new cost-cutting rules are predicted to come into force, Pedrosa was less enthusiastic.

"However, I wouldn't be happy to ride one in the future, it would be a step backwards for me since I've been racing the fastest prototypes in the world and I don't know if they would be as fun as MotoGP's"

Pedrosa becomes the latest to voice his opinion on MotoGP's CRT future after Valentino Rossi said it was a necessary change for the future of the sport, while Casey Stoner has warned it would "take everything out of the racing" and possibly be enough to make him quit.

Jorge Lorenzo offered his thoughts on the matter in early November to Spanish news agency EFE, saying that reducing costs in times of financial crisis and reducing speeds, thereby increasing rider safety were positives and a good way to increase grid sizes.