New Pramac Ducati MotoGP rider Hector Barbera has released this (translated) statement, which appears to partially confirm reports in the Spanish press that he was over the drink-drive limit when tested by police on January 6.

The breath alcohol limit for Spain is 0.25 mg/l...

'Regarding reports in various media about the arrest of Hector Barbera on Friday night January 6, the rider would like to make the following clarifications:

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"On Friday night I celebrated one last family Christmas dinner attended by several friends, with whom we later left by car for Valencia. I was traveling as a passenger in a Vauxhall Astra with a friend, who was stopped in a breathalyser test and exceeded the limit allowed by law.

"It was he, not I, who gave the rate of 0.60. In this situation, since I had only had a drink of alcohol, the police suggested I take the car. But once again pulled me to be high to me also the control, which gave 0'32 and 0'28 [after] 20 minutes.

"I think that was irresponsible on my part, knowing that my condition was not intoxication, the fact perform this action, which I would like to apologize to my team, my sponsors and supporters of MotoGP.

"I guarantee that it will not happen again and [I will make myself] available to any association of victims of driving under the effects of alcohol for a session with them and set an example that should have been offered before. I'm sorry. "'

Barbera spent his first two seasons in MotoGP with Aspar Ducati.