A side-effect of Jorge Lorenzo signing a two-year contract extension is that it also commits Yamaha to MotoGP for at least the same timescale.

The ongoing cost-cutting negotiations between the three remaining manufacturers (Honda, Yamaha and Ducati) and Dorna have produced veiled and sometimes not-so-veiled threats by the brands to reconsider their participation if the technical justification for MotoGP is lost.

During winter testing, Masahiko Nakajima - general manager of Yamaha's Motorsport Development Division - warned:

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"If there is a freeze on development. Like end-of-2012 spec engine must be used for three years then Yamaha is not interested to join MotoGP.

"We go racing to introduce new technology and in the future we feed the technology back to the production bike. If there is a freeze on development we are not interested to continue in MotoGP. This is the Yamaha philosophy."

The latest threat came just last week, when HRC vice president Shuhei Nakamoto spoke to GPone.com about the timing of the major technical changes:

"No way to accept the changes for 2014. If so, we will not support the Championship. Also we don't want a big change. If they say we must move to all-CRT, we will quit. We have made that clear to Dorna."

With no major contracts in place for the forthcoming seasons it is much easier for the manufacturers to play hardball with Dorna.

But Lorenzo's new deal means Yamaha's factory MotoGP presence is now surely guaranteed until at least 2015 - regardless of the rules.

It is hard to believe that title leader Lorenzo, who held the 2013 MotoGP rider market in his hands, would sign so early without such assurances.