By Stephen English

With Jorge Lorenzo dominating the championship standings after six races both Repsol Honda riders, Casey Stoner and Dani Pedrosa, admitted that they need to make significant improvements to their bike if they are to challenge for the championship.

When asked about the issues affecting his bike Stoner commented that "it's a long list."

The Australian went on to elaborate by saying that the team still needs to find a solution to the chatter problems they have endured throughout the current campaign.

"We made an improvement in Catalunya to improve the rear chatter but we know we have front chatter from earlier races. Now it's extreme with this [new] front tyre," said Stoner.

The new construction Bridgestone front tyre, mandatory from this weekend, is favoured by most riders but has come under fire from both Repsol riders. Stoner went on to comment in more detail about the cause of his team's problem with the new tyre.

"We developed this whole bike around the old tyre and one third of the way through the season they've put a new tyre into it," he said.

"It's really put us into a difficult situation. We thought we'd be able to set things up around it, but we haven't been able to so far, but it's a long season."

Pedrosa also commented on this, saying that with the chatter issues affecting the Honda it has been very difficult to battle with the Yamahas, which can get on the power much earlier because they have confidence in the handling of their bike.

"Since we started the season every weekend we have had to change many things to try and solve the chatter and get a better feeling," he said. "Also manage the engine at the end.

"I didn't ride with Jorge today, but at Barcelona it looked like in mid-turn and exit he is quicker... But the team must be happy with the first race with the new front tyre, which is really not fitting for us."

He added: "Jorge is doing a perfect season almost, so we need to do some quick changes to improve out bike.

"In the beginning of the season we were more close than now, so maybe they have improved some things and we have not."


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