Six rounds into the 2012 MotoGP season and Jorge Lorenzo has built a 25-pont lead, the equivalent of one race win, over nearest rival Casey Stoner.

Lorenzo has won four of the races so far, with Stoner victorious in the other two, and has exactly matched his 140 points (out of a maximum 150) that he achieved at the same stage of his title-winning 2010 season.

As the tables below show, the biggest title lead by this point in the season - since the start of the MotoGP era in 2002 - is 58 points by Valentino Rossi in 2005. The Italian also outscored even Lorenzo's impressive points total in both 2002 and 2005.

But the Spaniard can take heart from the fact that every rider leading (or tied for the lead) after six rounds has gone on to be crowned champion at the end of the year, during the four-stroke era.

Stoner's team-mate Dani Pedrosa is third in the championship and 39 points from Lorenzo, although twelve rounds and a potential 300 points remain.

From what you've seen so far, who do you think will be crowned champion after the Valencia season finale on November 11?

Will Lorenzo hold on or will Stoner overturn his present disadvantage and claim a third title before retirement? Or maybe you think Pedrosa can cause a shock challenge?

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Fourth in the championship Cal Crutchlow is already 74 points behind Lorenzo and therefore only the title top three are included in the poll.

MotoGP Championship advantage after six rounds (2002-2011): 2011: 18-point lead (Stoner* > Lorenzo) 2010: 47-point lead (Lorenzo* > Pedrosa) 2009: 0-point lead (Rossi* = Lorenzo = Stoner) 2008: 12-point lead (Rossi* > Pedrosa) 2007: 11-point lead (Stoner* > Rossi) 2006: 0-point lead (Capirossi = Hayden*) 2005: 58-point lead (Rossi* > Melandri) 2004: 0-point lead (Rossi* = Gibernau) 2003: 47-point lead (Rossi* > Gibernau) 2002: 48-point lead (Rossi* > Ukawa)
* Eventual champion.

Points scored by MotoGP title leader after six rounds (2002-2011): 2011: 116 points (Stoner) 2010: 140 points (Lorenzo) 2009: 106 points (Rossi, Lorenzo, Stoner) 2008: 122 points (Rossi) 2007: 115 points (Stoner) 2006: 99 points (Capirossi, Hayden) 2005: 145 points (Rossi) 2004: 126 points (Rossi, Gibernau) 2003: 135 points (Rossi) 2002: 145 points (Rossi)